Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be, But Now It Can Be Better*

Most of us, from time to time, are prone to nostalgia. Although some people unkindly refer to it as living in the past, it’s a natural part of life. Without our memories, life would be pretty dull. They help us through hard times, remembering that things have been better and will be again. They give us something to look forward to, as a good memory is always worth reliving. And they give us stories to pass down.

There are many ways to keep memories alive. Memories of a great holiday can be kept alive by bringing back a keepsake. A map of the country or town you went to. A rock from a beach, a bottle of the local wine or liqueur. Something that brings those memories back every time you look at it. It doesn’t need to cost much, because its value is in what it means to you. And in keeping those memories alive, you can bring character to a home.

Keeping Everyone In The Picture –

One unfortunate aspect of the march of technology is the fact that when we take a picture these days, it is usually on our phones. We come back from a holiday and we have a phone full of pictures which we can upload to a computer. That doesn’t have the permanence that we’d like, sometimes. However, you can get the photos printed off or, if you have a printer, do it yourself. You can then frame the photos for memory.

Making A Collection Over The Years –

The thing about memories is that they are cumulative. You can start talking about something you have remembered from a few weeks ago, and it can start a conversation that spans decades. A fantastic way to keep memories together is to keep important pictures in a multi picture frame. Every family should have this – in one easy place you can have photos that show the kids as they grow from infants into adulthood.

A Family History Book –

Scrapbooking has only become more popular as time goes on – although it has had a reboot in the form of online photo albums. But there is really nothing to beat having a physical reminder of cherished memories. It doesn’t need to just be photos, either. You can have other things along with them – a ticket stub for a show you’ve seen, a receipt from a great meal in a restaurant you loved. The only limit is your imagination.

Although in some ways technology has taken us further away from the physical recollection of memories, it hssn’t broken the link. If you want to, you can have both. An online journal, particularly with pictures you have uploaded, adds another dimension to memories. Social media has made it easier to curate photo albums from times past. You don’t need to do one or the other – one can enhance the other.

What’s really important is that you don’t feel like reliving old memories is “living in the past”. You can’t really appreciate where you are in life until you think about where you’ve been. And there is no better way to do that than having some keepsakes from there and then.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post