Elsa’s Bedroom Makeover – Textiles With Dunelm

I’ve previously spoken about the importance of textiles & soft furnishings (see here). They make SUCH a huge impact on a space & can really draw things together. From curtains to blankets, throws, cushions, rugs, table runners & so on.

One of my favourite shops for all things Interior, including soft furnishings which is their speciality, is Dunelm. If I am looking for new bedding, cushions or throws, this is the first place I go.

They’ve now been declared the UK’s number 1 homewears brand offering an amazing range, style, value and convenience in over 150 stores and online. You’ll see their products dotted around my home, from my kettle & toaster to tea sets & vases.

So, lets talk curtains.

In a childs room, this is probably the single most imporant thing. I put my littles incredible sleeping patterns down to blackout curtains (& a bit of hard work…). If you don’t have them & are wondering why your kiddywinks are waking up at 5am every morning then you need to trot off to Dunelm pronto.

The bay window in this room is absolutely huge & I previously had to use 2 sets (so 4 curtains!) however luckily Dunelm sell many different sizes & I managed to get ones that fit perfectly width wise, however they came up ever so slightly too short although this is barely noticeable.

I went for Stone Solar Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtains, pencil pleat blocks out the most light compared to eyelet. When I looked online before visiting my local store, I thought the lighter grey of the Grey Solar was what I was going to go for, however found them to be too pale & I wanted something that would contrast more. These are the biggest size available which was 228x228cm per curtain which were £55.99 with the current 20% off.

For bedding, I wanted something quite simple but that would still add a touch of girly flare. As Elsa has a double bed, I find it really hard to get suitable sets as they all tend to be a bit too adult & the childrens ranges are all in single size.

The non-iron bedding range was perfect for a childs bedroom as Elsa ends up in all sorts of weird positions so crease resistant is perfect, plus the amount of washing it has to go through with god-knows-what mushed into it regularly would mean I’d have to spend half my life with an iron in my hand as well as knee deep in laundry like I am 24/7 already.

I went for the below products in this range which is available in 18 different colours –
Dusky pink double fitted sheet at £6.99 – £13.99
Slate grey double duvet cover at £13.99 – £28.99
Dusky pink & slate grey frilled pillowcases at £3.99 each


An absolute must for all parents is a waterproof mattress protector. Elsa was fully toilet trained just before her second birthday but still wears a nappy at night but occasionally we have the odd leakage which is to be expected. This Dunelm waterproof cotton soft mattress protector at £11.99 – £17.99 is perfect for making sure the mattress doesn’t get ruined.

This patchwork quilt set was bought from Dunelm a couple of years ago & is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately they no longer sell it however this gorgeous duck egg ‘Bethany’ bedspread for those with double beds OR the ‘Katy Rabbit’ bedspread for single beds are very similar.

The Katy Rabbit range is GORGEOUS & although I couldn’t go for the duvet cover or bedspread as they only sell them in a single, I picked up the matching cute 3D at £7.99 & faux fur at £9.99 bunny cushions.


Love, Charlotte x

Please note – this post was in collaberation with Dunelm however ‘The Home That Made Me’ will always indicate to readers when a post is a sponsored/collaborative effort. In doing this, I reserve the right to be honest & authentic about the product to be reviewed. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own & 100% genuine.


  1. March 31, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    Great idea to use plain bedding with frilly cushions. I need new cushions for my new bed so think a trip to Dunelm is in order! X

  2. April 1, 2016 / 7:08 am

    They give it that touch of girlyness without being too OTT! Guarantee you'll come back with more than new cushions 🙂 x

  3. June 1, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    I love the chest of drawers where is that from? Gorgeous bedroom x