First Things To Consider After Moving*


You’ve packed all your belongings up and said goodbye to your old home. But the work has only just begun, as moving into a new house can be even more hard work than leaving the last one!
Here are seven steps to follow when you move into your new place:

1. Clean –
Before unpacking all your things, it’s a good idea to have a good clean on your new home. Wipe down all the cupboards and hoover all the flooring. That way you will have clean areas to unpack and won’t have to work round it all later.
2. Unpack Essentials –
No doubt you packed everything neatly when you left the old house, but in the unloading things get mixed up and messy quickly. Make sure you unpack the bare essentials first; some food and drink, clothes and pyjamas, and toiletries. You need basic comforts during the unpacking stages, so put them all to one side before delving into the rest. If your beds are made and there’s dinner sorted, then you’re free to get to work.
3. Make It Safe –
If you have children or pets, you will need to make sure your home is safe. Check doors and windows are secure, and install any child gates or other appliance. Check the boundaries of the garden, and fence off any gaps that dogs could escape through. It’s best to watch the dog sniffing around for a while, as they will detect any escape routes better than you will!
4. What Room Will You Do First –
After you’ve unpacked and made yourself at home, you need to think about redecorating. Chances are, you’ll want to do some work to the house, so decide which room is the priority. Try to keep that room relatively clear, and stick to that one before you move onto the next project.

5. Starting Work –

The beginnings of a home renovation can seem very daunting. Try companies like The Renovation Company if you need help. The experts will be able to advise what is and isn’t achievable, and offer tips and styling suggestions if you’re at a loss for inspiration.
6. Choose A Colour Scheme –
Choose a style and trend for each room before you start decorating, and keep this in mind as you make your choices. It can be easy to get confused and with styles, so choosing one early on will make picking out paints and materials much more simple.
7. Start From The Top –
When you start decorating a room, start from the top and work down. If the ceilings need plastering or painting, do this before moving down to the walls. That way, any drips will be covered when you move onto the next stage.
8. Buy Furniture To Match –
Avoid buying furniture and decor until you have your paints chosen. Take swabs with you when purchasing your sofas and carpets, to make sure it all flows smoothly. It can be easy to get over-excited and end up with a mis-match of styles, take samples with you and try to match decor and paint colours.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post