How To Be More Organised

Being an organised person can help you in every single aspect of your life; it should be listed on basically every job description not only career wise but also in parenthood & socially too.

Organisation takes dedication, hard work & most importantly planning so i’ve compiled my list of tips on how to magically transform yourself into that person who never seems to miss a beat.

Here are my top tips –

  • Learn to love the to-do list – I swear by list writing. I have lists everywhere from on paper to my notes on my iphone so that I can add things that need remembering whilst i’m out & about. However, don’t just make lists then not complete any of them. Make sure you dedicate time to crossing things off that list. Don’t overwhelm yourself!


  • Give everything a home – wasting time searching for things isn’t ideal so try to find a place for everything to ‘live’. Once you know this off by heart it’ll soon become habit & make putting everything away/getting it out 10x easier, thus making you more efficient.


  • Declutter – yes, i’m banging on about decluttering yet again. It will change your life. Have a read of this blog post for more tips.


  • Do things right away – sitting & thinking about what you should be doing just makes it feel so much worse than it actually is, plus it’s just wasting time that you could have spent actually doing it. The longer you wait to do it, the harder it’ll be, so get up & do it as soon as you think about it. If I see something lying on the floor that doesn’t belong there then I pick it up & put it back in it’s ‘home’ (see above!). If I open a drawer & think ‘god what even is all of this’ then I will sort through it. If I think about a friend I haven’t seen in a while then i’ll get out my phone & text them.


  • Don’t aim TOO high – if you’ve been used to doing sweet FA for years on end of your evenings then don’t expect to suddenly be planning x or doing z overnight. Creating small goals are much more managable & achievable. If you want to become tidier in your office then set a small goal of making sure you tidy your paperwork away at the end of the day & leave your desk empty.


  • Prioritise – some things are obviously more important than others. If you need to be somewhere at 10am then don’t prioritise cleaning the oven at 9.30am. You need to figure out what task is more important than others (you can also write your to-do list in this order so the most important gets done first rather than half way through).

Love, Charlotte x