Elsa’s Bedroom Makeover – Spray Paint Love

I knew immediately when I thought about Elsa’s new bedroom that I wanted to use gold. It’s becoming more popular with interiors & makes a real impact.

My initial idea was to include gold in a feature wall, however I decided against that in the end & made up my mind to just use it with accessories to give a ‘pop’ of colour.

That’s where the spray paint came in to use & its safe to say i’m now a complete convert!

After looking online, I found the cheapest place for spray paint was good old Wilko’s Enamel gold spray paint at £3.95 per can. I used two of these & they do go a long way. These come in a variety of colours & finishes.

Here’s my guide on the best way to apply –

  1. Give the item to be sprayed a good clean with soap & water to remove any dust or residue
  2. If needed, lightly sand to remove any rust or old paint
  3. Remove or masking tape any bits that aren’t to be sprayed
  4. Place the item in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors with little wind
  5. Make sure to protect the ground with newspaper or cardboard
  6. Shake the can well before use
  7. Begin spraying with even coats making sure to keep the can moving – remember that it’s better to do it thinly with more coats than thickly due to drips & streaks
  8. Keep the can approx 20-30cm away from the object, if you get too close it’ll cause the paint to run
  9. Once dry, repeat the spraying again with time between coats until desired finish is achieved

Et voila – a super easy transformation!

Here are the bits I sprayed & this can work on pretty much everything. A cheap & easy transformation.










The only downside was that I ended up with hands like this constantly!

Love Charlotte x


  1. April 1, 2016 / 7:10 am

    It's addictive! I'd never even thought of using spray paint but I'm a convert now x