Renovating On A Budget? Be Salvage Savvy and Save A Fortune*

When we are embarking upon a renovation project, what we tend to have in mind is the new things we’re putting in. After all, that’s what “renovation” means – renewal. If we think at all of what we’re getting rid of, it’s in a “I’ll be glad to see the back of that” kind of way. The excitement of renovation is that you have new toys to play with, and there’s scarcely a backward glance as we drive away from the dump.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the more you replace in a home, the more work you are creating for yourself. The more you will be spending, and the more you will be throwing away. When you are planning a renovation, it might be worth coming back to that word: renewal. You can and will certainly be getting rid of some things and replacing them with others. What you might want to consider is how much of this is completely necessary.

If you’re going for a specific look, then it may be that you can only get it by throwing some things away and replacing them. What you might want to bear in mind is that other people will be doing the same. When it comes to looking for materials such as cement tiles or bath taps, you may find some options from reclaim yards. This will make it possible to carry out some of the work with less expense.

Similarly, when it comes to some of the external aspects of your renovation, you may benefit from thinking before acting. Many people replace wooden window frames with PVC, for example. The reasoning is that over time, wooden frames become chipped and damaged. PVC frames are more durable. With that said, wooden window frames do look better and, if well-maintained, can improve curb appeal.

For parts of the house like window frames and external brickwork, it is possible to repair and repoint. It may not be as exciting as redoing things completely, but it retains the original character of the house. When you consider moving in the future, having original features can help sell a home. If window frames are a little beaten, they can be rescued with some sanding and repainting.

None of this should be considered to mean that you cannot replace anything with new. In fact, look upon this as being an opportunity to focus your spending. Renewing and repurposing materials you already have can save you money. This can then be redirected into other aspects of your renovation so that you can spend more doing something you really want to knock out of the park.

There are a lot of things to do when it comes to renovating a house. Creating extra work for yourself is a little bit pointless when you could save time, money and resources. And while this may not be a motivating factor for some people, you can help the environment. The less material you have to dump, the better for the planet and your bank balance too.

Love, Charlotte x
*This is a collaborative post