Halloween Party

I love a good Halloween party. It’s a fantastic excuse to dress up with your friends, have a few drinks (or in my case a lot..) & a giggle.

I decided to host a party this year (especially considering it fell on a Saturday) but unfortunately most of our friends seemed to be going away for the weekend or already had plans so it was only a small group of our nearest & dearest in the end.

Elsa has been dressing up all week at nursery so I got her a couple of costumes. First was this little cat costume from Aldi which was about £3.50 then this absolutely ADORABLE ghost dress which was £9.99 from H&M. We knew we’d have to dress Rory as a tiny vampire seeing as he’s got his 2 fang teeth through – I struggled to find anything but in the end found this in Matalan for £8.99, although they only had 12-18 months left so it was a tad on the big side.




How cute do they look?

Also…this is Elsa 2 years ago at Rory’s age as a little pumpkin. It’s one of my favourite pictures of her eeeeee.

With the littles, we went to both sets of Grandparents to do trick or treating on Saturday afternoon seeing as the Rugby World Cup Final was on & we are from Rugby loving families. Elsa loved it & her little bag was definitely filled.

Costume wise, we went to several places but found the costume to be a bit rubbish, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune. In the end I decided to go as a black cat with just a black dress then customise with a set of ears & a cape from our local party store. This outfit cost £8! 
Joe went as a psycho murderer. He bought a blood covered apron & knife which was a bargain £4.00 then went mad on the fake blood.

Our friends arrived at 6.30pm. Sian & Carl came as a Vampire & Devil, Emily & William came as witch & werewolf & Mike & Sophie came as a leopard & zombie. 



Elsa loves Theo <3

We decorated outside with cobwebs, our carved pumpkins & a mask with light up eyes from Home bargains to welcome trick or treaters which came in their hoards….I ended up running out of sweets!





Food wise, we made a huge chilli. We are all doing Slimming World (well….i’m supposed to be but i’ve been absolutely shocking lately) so this was a simple recipe of extra lean 5% mince, onions, mushrooms, peppers, kidney beans in chilli sauce, tinned tomatoes & tons of chilli/curry powder with rice.

I also saw this online so had to have a go!!

It’s a pumpkin with a bowl of salsa as ‘brains’ then guacamole as ‘sick’ with loads of nachos. 

Desert wise, I found this green coloured popcorn for 89p a bag from Home Bargains which I then put in this £1.00 Waitrose cauldron.

I also bought these pumpkin cupcakes from Waitrose as well as Mr Kiplings ‘Witches Hat Fancies’ & ‘Chocolate & Slime Slices’ which were £1.00 each.



Look at my little DIY Valentine family mummified tealight jars 🙂 see how I made them here

It wouldn’t be a party without alcohol & oh boy did it flow. We ended up playing articulate with shots as punishment, attempted apple bobbing & then I ended up being sick in to a pumpkin bucket & passing out on the sofa. The sign of a great night…

Hope you all had a fantastic evening & aren’t feeling as bad as I feel right now 🙂

Love, Charlotte x 


  1. November 2, 2015 / 11:01 am

    Ooh Charlotte sick in the pumkin bucket haha this made me laugh so much, sign of a fab night! You all (and the house) looked fab hun pleased you enjoyed it xxxx

  2. November 2, 2015 / 11:41 am

    It was definitely a bit of a messy night! I am finally back to feeling ok thank god 🙂 x