Halloween Decor

I LOVE Halloween.

It’s the perfect excuse to dress up (who doesn’t love a bit of fancy dress….), eat shed loads of sweets/chocolate & most importantly…..DECORATE.

I am a big fan of ‘styling for the seasons’. I am building up a lovely collection of bits for yearly events such as my wishing tree & eggs with little chicks for Easter, heart bunting for Valentines day & so on. I see all of these ‘bits of tat’ as my husband calls them, as an investment, which winds him up almost as much as the fact that I spend his money on this ‘rubbish’. 

This is the first year that Elsa is properly aware of halloween & she’s had so much fun at nursery the past week doing lots of themed crafts & even went pumpkin picking at a local pumpkin patch on Monday with them to pick her very own which was then carved. She chose to paint it pink & then carved a heart one side with a bunny the other (her nursery affectionately call her ‘little bunny’). 

She also painted this which literally made my heart melt…

Although Halloween is seen as a very ‘American’ tradition, it’s definitely coming over to the UK a lot more. I remember even a few years ago how little decor items could be found in the shops but this year we’ve been spoilt for choice & most shops seem to be getting on the bandwagon.

You’ll see over on my ‘Seasonal Decor – Autumn’ post that Baylyn House is already looking very Autumny with burnt orange check cushions, pinecones & glass pumpkins. BUT, I am totally stepping it up a gear when it comes to all things scary.

A fireplace is the perfect focal point for a scary makeover. I bought some cobwebs with spiders from Home Bargains (although i’ve seen the same in virtually every shop i’ve been in to lately) for £1.00 which has instantly given it the halloween spirit. It looks amazing with my fireplace mantal Garland which I picked up in Homesense. 

I also bought these skeletons which were £1.00 from The Range which have been hung from the light in the dining room & the hob along with bats (£2 for 6 from Waitrose).

Large plastic spiders were £1.00 each from Home Bargains.

I found these gorgeous munchkin pumpkins from Aldi which were 89p each but it seems all the cute little ones have sold out from everywhere locally now as I have been hunting for a white one with no luck.

These glass pumpkins are perfect for Autumn/Halloween from Homesense. They have so much lovely seasonal decor & ornaments in there so i’d really recommend going for a rummage (Homesense is basically the homeward department of TK Maxx so they’ll also be in there probably).

Finally, a Pumpkin garland from Waitrose (£3.00) in the lounge. 

We are throwing a Halloween party/get together (although it seems all our friends are going away this year so it’ll only be 6 of us!) on Saturday night so i’m going to blog about that separately on Sunday including our costumes! Hopefully I don’t get too drunk to remember to take any pictures…

I’ll be blogging tomorrow on a little crafty DIY halloween make. Please join in with the hashtag #thehomethatscaredme so on Saturday my favourite pictures will be featured too. Then on Sunday i’ll be blogging about our halloween party!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Love, Charlotte


  1. October 30, 2015 / 10:52 am

    It looks fab! I am collecting a few bits each year too, I'm hoping when Sienna is about 10 I will have enough to do a halloween party and decorate the whole house! haha!