Creating A Serene Garden Without The Help Of Others*

If you want to renovate your garden and completely make it over by yourself, your keyword is going to be ‘DIY’. Doing it yourself is going to become the order of the day, and you need to be prepared for that. However, if you think you’re up for the task, read on! Here is how you can create a serene and beautiful garden without the help of others!

Running water is a symbol of serenity in cultures all over the world. So, ensure that there is a little piece of this in your garden. How you having this running water as a feature is up to you. On a small scale, you could invest in a water feature that you can construct yourself. Or, you could make one yourself, using a water pipe and a secure stack of stones and bricks. A medium scale water feature could consist on digging a small river in your garden. This could run around the perimeter, for example, if you have kids. Or, you could have it running across the length of the garden. Make it narrow enough to step over, or factor in the plans of also building a DIY bridge if you want it wide.

As for having water in your garden on a big scale, it could be the case that you’re in need of an outdoor swimming pool! In order to do this by yourself, you’re going to need to budget for things like truck hire in order to dig deep enough into the ground. Once this is done, though, and the pool is installed? The payoff is incredible. Not only does it give you a brand new garden feature, but it can also add value to your home if you choose to sell in the future. If you want your pool to be even more a feature, think about the color of tiles you’ll install at the base. A dark blue pool can create a classier and more lagoon-like feel than the pale blue tiles you usually see! Get your serenity by installing some jets, and scout out some pool floats. What could be more serene that floating around in your new pool with a cocktail and a paperback?

Now you’ve thought about some different options for adding serenity on a larger scale, think now about a smaller scale. We’re talking about your flowers and plants of course. Obviously, you’ll have thought about their look and color. But how much thought have you given to their scent? Just like running water, evocative scents are something else highly regarded in many cultures. So, how about planting a lavender patch. And don’t forget to grow some mint in your herb garden! There are many other garden plants with wonderful scents too!

Last but not least, in order to find serenity, you may first need to look at your privacy levels. It could be the case that your garden or outdoor space is currently overlooked by other houses or buildings. If so, consider erecting your own walls or fences. If you go for fences, you can buy these pre-constructed. All you have to do then is put them in the right place in your garden!

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post