Ahead of the Trends: How to Get Your Decor Ready for 2023*

Read on to take a look at what we’re predicting to be the biggest trends in 2023 so that you can get ahead of the curve.

IMAGE: https://unsplash.com/photos/emqnSQwQQDo (Unsplash)

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the trends, especially when it comes to interior design. We’ll have more of a chance of our homes looking as stylish as possible for as long as possible if we can get ahead of them. Take a look at what we’re predicting to be the biggest trends in 2023 so that you can get ahead of the curve.

Return to noir

Black will always be stylish, but it can be too much for some people. But if it’s done well, with care, it can be a great accent color. You can add ebony wooden furniture, a black leather sofa, black marble, and more to your neutral-colored home to easily make style. Add little touches of gold, plants, or even sculptures for a classy look that will last.

If that’s too bold for you, consider the monochrome trend. Basically, you can again have black accents, but also various shades of gray and silver to create more of a graded color scheme in your home rather than the severe contrast of black and white.


A timeless style that will last far beyond 2023 is vintage furniture. You can gain a classic look that has style to it with a few vintage-style pieces dotted around your home. There are plenty of opportunities to implement them. Look for ornate and detailed moldings or panels, or brass and copper handles, and quality wood and materials. That way you’ll have a piece that lasts as long as this timeless trend. 

These purchases needn’t be expensive. It’s not uncommon for contemporary bedroom sets, for instance, to be inspired and informed by vintage designs. You needn’t fork out for vintage to get vintage.

Spotlight alcoves

Alcoves are so much the rage right now that if you don’t actually have one in your house, people are painting them on the wall. The idea of color blocking so an arch can appear over a mirror, painting, or TV has gone viral.

If you are, however, lucky enough to have your own alcove, let the room know. Add some lighting, some color blocking, accent wallpaper, a display table in the hall or a mattress or even a daybed in the living room and turn your alcove into somewhere people want to be.

Bring the outside in

Nature is always trendy, to the point that it’s timeless. Some natural colors never go out of style, like off-white tones, and natural materials like solid wood and leather never go out of style. But modern styles are taking it a step further. The trend for 2023 appears to be floor-to-ceiling windows to let in as much natural light as possible and water features integrated into the building.

Even if you’re not taking your home apart to rebuild it with these features, there is nothing wrong with a smaller water feature or upgrading your bathroom to a wet room. Elsewhere, designers are creating wood panel walls. Not shiplap, which is quickly going out of style, but wooden walls that come in natural colours, perhaps with a lick of varnish to let them pop, but always with the bark’s patterns on display.