Common Home Repairs that You Can Do Yourself*

Every home requires maintenance from time to time. If you are not careful however, then you may find that these small jobs quickly turn into huge projects that you just can’t do yourself. If you are able to take care of the jobs when they are small however then you should have no problem in getting everything done.

Leaking Washing Machine –

If you ignore a leaking washing machine then there is a high chance that you will end up with a flood in your laundry room. There is a very easy fix for this, and all you have to do is try and check the pipes that are connected to the back of your machine. This is most likely where the leak is coming from. You may even find that there is a crack in the rubber washer as well. if this is the case then you need to fix the faulty hose right away. If you don’t then you could risk causing even more damage to your machine. Before you check the pipes, make sure that you turn off the water supply, and then assemble the new hose. It may even be that you need some more stainless steel threaded fittings to replace the ones that are cracked.

Mould Spots –

Mould spots around the home are super easy to fix. Just mix one cup of bleach with a gallon of very warm water. When you have done this, scrub the area completely and then rinse it with warm water. When the spot is dry, repaint over it to stop the marks from showing through. If you want to stop issues like this from happening again then think about getting some mildew resistant paint. This will stop the mould from being able to regrow.


Driveway Cracks –

If you ignore the cracks that are in your driveway, then they will certainly get bigger over time. You will also find that they become even harder to repair as well. If you have cracks that are near to the house, then it is more than possible for moisture to seep in through your foundation as well and this is the last thing that you need. This does however come with an easy fix. Simply remove any debris and hose it down with a high-powered jet washer. Then, apply a crack filler that is designed for your driveway and let it dry. If you have a super deep crack, fill it with sand and then use the filler for the top ¼ of an inch.

Dents in the Walls –

If you have a dent in the wall and if you ignore it then this could cause you major problems in the

future. You will ultimately have to call out a plasterer to do the repair for you and this will cost you even more money. To take care of the fix yourself, simply wedge some newspaper into the dent. Then use a putty knife to fill the rest in with some joint compound. When you have done this, smooth it over, let it dry for a day and then paint over it.


*This is a collaborative post