The Modern Upgrades Every Old Home Will Need*

For a lot of people, buying an old home is the dream. New houses and developments can often seem appealing, because they’re brand new. You know that everything in them is fresh and that the place will need little or no work doing at all – just the spruces that you may want to do yourself. But they can also lack character. So when you want a home that has a lot going for it, you’ll often need something older. And they always need more work doing to them. Some of them really need renovating to make them livable too. So if you need to update your old home or you want to know what to expect, here are five modern upgrades that every old house will need.

Plastering –

First of all, you’re going to want to rip everything out of it. And when you take down the wallpaper and clear the rooms, you’ll often look at the shell and realize that it’s all damp or uneven. This can happen to homes over time. So it’s not going to be uncommon that one big upgrade that you will need to do is to replaster the entire place. You may even have to go a step further and get new electricity and plumbing put in so that the space is up to date.

Kitchen Upgrade –

A big job that will need doing will involve the kitchen. Because when you’ve bought a home that’s fifty or so years old, and hasn’t been touched in that length of time, you will need to rip the kitchen out and replace it. The ripping out part is something that you will do in the last section (along with the bathroom in the next section), but you will then want to select what kind of kitchen you want to install. Make sure that you take your choosing something that will work for you.

Replacement Bathroom –

At the same time, you’ll want to refresh the bathroom. Think about the kind of suite that you want to work in. You may even want to knock down some walls if you have a bathroom that has a separate room for the loo!

Updated Heating –

In the first section, we lightly touched on the idea that you may need to upgrade your electrics or plumbing. As part of that, you may need an updated heating system. Because replacing storage heaters is a must is you can cost-effective and efficient heating. So make sure that this is a big modernization you work on.

Replacement Windows –

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re getting new windows and doors put in. The windows are often the most important. When you move into an old space, you’re likely to find that the windows are old and probably single pane too. This will mean that you lose a lot of heat. So, you’ll want to get modern double-glazed windows in there. And because you’re updating your windows you’ll then want to get new doors to match too. This is also going to help your home to look finished from the outside too.


*This is a collaborative post