Bathroom Renovation Tips

Kitchens & bathrooms are the main rooms that sell houses, why? Because they are the most expensive spaces to do so it makes sense to put a lot of thought in to designing a bathroom before you jump in at the deep end with bathtubs & shower heads.

A bathrooms function is quite simple; a place to get clean & practise basic hygiene. But it’s SO much more than that & should be designed as an extension of your main living areas. Typically this will also be a relatively small room to work with so takes lots of consideration in terms of layout.

Gone are the days where bathrooms having to be white tiles & no personality, they can be as bold & beautiful as you are!

So whether you’re gutting an entire bathroom & starting fresh or are just making some updates like I am currently with our main bathroom, the below tips should help you make the best design decisions.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself the following questions –

  1. Who’s going to be using the bathroom? The bathroom you design for just adults will be entirely different to a bathroom for young children &/or pets.
  2. What’s your budget for this revamp?
  3. Do you have storage needs or will you be keeping products elsewhere? If you’re a lotions & potions kind of gal then this needs to be taken into consideration.
  4. How big is the room? Can you fit in a bath & shower or will you have to combine the two with a shower over a bath?
  5. What are my NEEDS for this space? Are you wanting somewhere to relax & unwind as your ‘go to’ or purely to hop in & out? Do you do your makeup in here too?
  6. Is there lots of natural light or do you have to think about lighting solutions? Remember you have to use bathroom/moisture specific fittings.
  7. Is this the only bathroom in the house?

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get down to the aesthetics which will make or break a space. Bathrooms are often overlooked for not being a space worthy of styling but you can have so much fun playing around with this as with any other room.

Pick your hues – the colour of your bathroom is, other than layout, going to play the most important role. Neutrals give a spa like feel whilst vibrant colours can awake the imagination. Remember that you can easily add colour using things like towels so if you aren’t sure or are a serial mind-changer then stick to a safe colour palette with white, greys or beiges.

Accessorise to the max – this is the fun part that can turn a bathroom from clinical to spa zen. From mirrors to prints, towels to soap dispensers, pretty glass jars to flowers.

Bath or no bath – nowadays people seem to be moving away from baths & leaning towards showers. I suppose people lead such busy lives that spending an hour trying to give a prune a run for its money isn’t so high on the agenda when you can hop in a shower. Try to remember resale value but also target market; if it’s a family home then the likelihood is they’ll want a bath.

Make a statement – bathrooms should have a focal point too! In my ensuite my focal point is this large antique mirror I found on Gumtree as well as those patterned floor tiles that EVERYONE doubted me about!

Tile choices – tiles are an essential in any bathroom to protect the walls & nowadays we are absolutely spoilt for choice, not only with the selection on offer but now it’s ‘in’ to have them laid differently too. Herringbone is so 2018! I opted for panelling in our ensuite for a traditional victorian feel & we manage to get away with it because I’m the only person who uses this room so no splashes or spills.