Become The Coolest Chick In Town: Here’s How*

Who doesn’t want to be remembered as the coolest chick in town? Really, who? Being cool means being awesome and this can only be a compliment to most human beings on this planet. If you are already thirty-something and are attracting men for your brains rather than your looks, this already says loads about you. You are already kind of cool, and you should be proud of this fact.

Being comfortable in your own skin and learning that the only person on which you can really depend is you are already fantastic life lessons for which you should tap yourself on the back. However, there is more to being the coolest chick in town and on the below lines we want to show you what it really means to be awesome.

Have the best record collection –

This one might sound a little bit materialistic, but really, it is of utmost necessity to have excellent music taste. Not only does the music you listen to reflect who you are, but it makes finding friends easier. Say you love listening to Led Zeppelin and are on the bus (where music even through headphones can become more audible to others) when you spot a great looking guy two rows ahead of you while enjoying Kashmir. All of a sudden, this beautiful guy notices that it is you who is listening to his favourite band of all times and he stands up before he starts making his way up to you. You can see everything that’s going on but pretend not to be aware of it. You like giving the impression that you have been caught by surprise. He finally stands next to you and asks you if he can sit by your side. You respond ‘yes’ uninterested and go back to listening to your music as if no big deal had just happened. No matter how you would like to advance this situation, the fact that someone you thought was hot approached you for your music taste is fantastic, right? This is why you should own the best record collection ever.

Have home accessories others would die for –

This one is again based on material possessions, rather than spiritual ones, but you will see why it has been mentioned. Your social circle is where you can be your true self and share secrets that no one else outside of this knows. You will probably often do this when you invite your closest friends over for dinner, and as a result, your home should be the beautiful place you would like your friends to see and notice. Does your bedroom have the most exotic curtains anyone has ever owned? Good. This means your friends won’t stop paying you compliments on them. Is your fridge one of the most sturdy pieces of machinery that anyone has ever seen? Good again. This will probably be admired everytime someone wants to grab a quick snack. Notice how we do not want to make your friends jealous, merely admire what you own and in which you have put decorative effort. Next time you are about to take your besties for a ride, why not show them how your garage door motors work? This will have them speechless.

Know how to DIY –

Being a cool chick is also about having some awesome skills that you can show to the world. There are many useless people about, at least when it comes to DIY practices. Knowing how to fill and sand a wall is not something we learn at school and it is, therefore, something that is mostly left for us to learn for ourselves unless we have decided to pursue a career as a decorator. Being cool means being self-sufficient and as a result, it would be wise of you to learn some of the DIY basics. This will not only mean that your friends will be calling you for you to take care of their home improvement issues (any excuse for a get-together, right?), but it will also mean that you don’t have to pay a company or professional to fix your bathroom wall. Being useful is essential and also cool, so get on it!

Be a friend to your friends –

Nothing beats coolness like being a true friend. By a real friend, we mean being sincere and reliable, and never sharing any personal information with which your friend has trusted you. If you have invested time and effort in your personal relationships, by now you probably have a wide circle of friends on which you can rely, and this is excellent news. Happiness, as they say, is the only thing that doubles when we share it and being sociable is an important thing that will help you stay healthy and active. In order to ensure those friendships last forever (or as long as they have to, anyway), you should be a loyal friend to your mates and make sure you are there for them regardless of what’s going on in your life. Life will at times be tricky and lead to both of you being busy (meaning you will have less time for each other), but this will only be temporary, and you will eventually find each other again. Being a real friend is fantastic as your friends are some of the most important people you will ever know. If you aren’t already who your friends first call in an emergency, start working on building that trust and being a shoulder on which to cry.

Learn to keep cool –

Perhaps the best definition of being cool is to stay focused and not allow our sometimes irrational behaviour to let us down. Impulses can be cute at times, but mainly when we are in our teens, not past our thirties. Learning to control our reaction to events on the spur of the moment and ensuring you keep cool is one of the best advice probably ever given. Anger will sometimes make you mad but remember, “speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret”. Being cool is also about staying cool and focused, and you might want to get some extra help with this as it can be tough not to let external circumstances make you see red and react accordingly. Ancient India came up with a great solution to human beings’ impulsive nature. Thousands of years ago meditation was invented, and this is still used today to train the mind to become calmer and better able to cope with outside pressures that inevitably arise in our lives. Some people claim it is hard for them to sit in silence while paying attention to their breathing, but you should give it a go before discarding the idea altogether. Meditation is a great tool to keep cool, and this will make you awesome!

Be thankful –

We are so submerged in our own existence, we often don’t realise how lucky we are to be healthy and live a life that is some kind of a blessing. Feeling less stressed and as a result, cool has more to do with how much we accept our life conditions and surroundings than with how expensive the coat we are wearing is. If you would like to exist in a way in which you are at peace with yourself and are able to enjoy the little things in life, you should learn to be thankful and feel blessed for everything that goes on around you as without it you wouldn’t be who you have come to be. Everything is about perspective, and if you think of the millions of people who aren’t as fortunate as you, you probably feel that your life is pretty cool after all. This, in turn, might make you want to do something for the less privileged. For now, however, it’s time to write down the things you are thankful for, one thought every day until you really believe that your life is a miracle and not a curse. Write whatever comes to your head first thing in the morning, and re-read it the following day, out loud. These can be thoughts like “I feel blessed because I am healthy”, or “I feel blessed because my family is always there for me”. No matter how insignificant you think the ideas you write down are, your blessings are personal, and only you decide what constitutes them.

Becoming the coolest chick in town is much more than owning the most expensive watch or having the shiniest hair. Being awesome requires work and introspection, as finding out who you really are and offering this to the world is the best gift you will ever give. It is only by being ourselves that we discover our most authentic life path and while this requires courage and determination, it is a journey that is worth embarking on as not only will it reveal us our truest self, but it will also take us to the best of destinations.


*This is a collaborative post