You Have More Room In Your Home Than You Think*

There comes a time in a growing family’s life when the question is put forth of whether to move to somewhere bigger or stay put. Usually, this happens because you intend on having more children and cannot see how the current home you’re in can provide your children with the space their need. However, with modern design and home interior building methods, you need not move anywhere. There is much more room in your home than what you might think at a first glance. Every home has a loft whereby you can use for storage purposes and or for insulation. This space can be converted into a real living space that is just as high quality as the rest of the rooms in the house. Because of the roof being exactly over it, indeed the loft won’t be as roomy. However, if you have an older sibling or a younger child who wants to have their own room, this is a great and cost-effective way to give them just that.

The state and possibilities –

First things first, you have to check the quality of the loft itself. Make sure there aren’t any leaks in the roof, and that there are not drafts of wind poking through any cracks. Take a torch with you and check the wood for any damp or sogginess just to make sure. It’s also wise at this point to measure the height, width and length of the loft which will give you a clear picture whether it’s viable to move a family member up there. Factor in their bed and their desk from which they will work. If both of these cannot fit, it’s unfortunately not going to workout unless you are okay with that. If it’s just an extra bedroom, you need then head room will be the deciding point.

Be creative –

Professional companies that specialise in extensions including loft conversions can totally transform your loft. If you don’t want a new bedroom, they can convert them into lounge spaces, or baby rooms with a crib and play area. The loft can also be a great games room with a pool or snooker table, table football or other modern gaming experiences. All the wiring and logistical concerns will be taken care of, what you should be thinking of is the level of creativity at your fingertips. Essentially you have a free room, which will also add on a substantial increase in value for your property should you come to put it up for sale. What was once a shabby floor can be changed into soft carpet. A dark room can be given light with roof windows. A cold loft can become the warmed place in the house with a link to the central heating system.

A loft that is converted into a usable room add another layer to your home. Suddenly you have an increase in the number of rooms, as well as a three floor home. This invariably increases the chances of a higher sale price. More importantly, it gives you the extra room you need for a growing family.


*This is a collaborative post