Home Improvements That Will Keep Your Home Safe and Secure Through Winter*

Winter can be a tough season to get through. With the lack of daylight hours and the effect the severe weather conditions can have on your property, the cold weather can make anyone crave the sun and warmer days. There are ways you can ensure a smooth running winter for both you and your home, with minimal unexpected stresses caused by the season’s harshness. Here are three things you can do to keep your home feeling safe, secure and cosy throughout.

Have Your Roof And Windows Serviced –

It would be very helpful if all leaks and double glazing mishaps decided to present themselves in the warmer months, but unfortunately, problems with your infrastructure are rarely noticed in the summer with the lack of wind and rain. Many companies provide a free service to check that both your roof and windows are up to industry standard. It may seem like a stress you don’t need, however, you will only be kicking yourself if you get home from work only to find an unexpected leak on the kitchen floor.

Anti-Theft Devices –

With the days becoming shorter, the night seems to creep up in the middle of the day meaning the street lights have already come on by the time you are leaving work. Opportunist thieves can take advantage of the clocks moving forward, as a dark house can often mean an empty house. Taking the appropriate precautions can ensure even the most confident of opportunists are discouraged.  Websites like http://ccsecurityservices.co.uk/residential-security/ provide resources and services that help keep your home safe. It is best to do your research on the equipment that is available to you to find what will best suit your home. On top of a security system, there are also timed plugs that can turn your lights and appliances on as it starts to get dark. Giving the appearance that someone is at home will minimize your risk.

Take Extra Measures To Keep The Heat In –

Closing your curtains early and investing in draft excluders could help, not only to up the cosiness level of your home but also reduce your heating bills – which can be a nasty shock at the end of winter. Being conscious of energy wasters like leaving doors open, will help to keep your utility usage at an appropriate level, and help you to beat the chill.

Clean Your Gutters –

Autumn is a beautiful season which brings bright sunny mornings and red leaves on the trees. However, a few weeks after their colour change, leaves can cover your garden and driveway, waiting to be raked into piles for your dog to enjoy. However, the leaf pile-up that happens in your gutters is often forgotten about until the next storm, when water is pouring out rather than draining properly. Cleaning out your guttering before the temperature drops too low will help you to avoid the cold clear-out in between storms.

Taking these steps as the leaves start to change will help to minimize the stresses of winter and take a load off of your shoulders, so you have time to daydream about sunny beaches and forty degree weather.


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