Low Cost Updates to Refresh Your Home*

Are you getting a bit bored of how your home is decorated and feel like you need something new and fresh to inject some life into it? Of course you could throw lots of money at having your house transformed but unless you have an endless pot of money to spare, you will probably be looking for a more cost effective solution. You don’t have to spend thousands on giving your home a makeover, there are loads of ideas for sprucing the home up from a fresh coat of paint to moving the furniture around!

We have collected some ideas for you to give a try, ones that won’t need you to take out a loan from the bank!

Change around of furniture – The cheapest change of all is to simply move your furniture into different positions. For example, moving around your chairs in your living room to change the layout of the room or to make way for the Christmas tree could bring a different feel. Also, moving the position of your bed can transform the layout of a room, so if you have enough space in your bedroom, see if you can find another angle to put your bed.

Paint over wallpaper – If you are sick of the sight of that old wallpaper pattern but you don’t feel ready for a big redecorating project, then your wallpaper might be suitable for simply painting over. It will depend on the texture and colour of your wallpaper but many types allow you to apply a few layers of paint for a completely new look to the room. Minimal effort for maximum results!

Refresh your staircase – Your staircase sees a lot of people traffic and can be one of the first places to show wear and tear. If you can see paint chips or other damage then maybe a fresh coat of paint is just what it needs. Or if you are feeling up for a DIY challenge, you could replace some of the staircase parts such as these: https://www.blueprintjoinery.com/timber-stair-parts/

New lighting – Spruce up your room with some new lighting options, maybe a standing lamp will add some character or you could look at some wall-mounted lighting. Perfect for brightening up the darker nights throughout the winter months.

Hang new pictures – If you haven’t gone through your recent photos to see which ones will make great pictures around the home then make some time to do it. A nice big collage photo frame can give your room some life and will be a point of interest for visitors.

Paint your cupboards – If you have wooden cupboard doors in your kitchen then you could easily add a fresh coat of paint in a bright new colour to transform the kitchen space. Another way to make low cost but highly effective changes to your cupboards is to replace the handles with modern ones that can make your cupboards look completely different.

A new rug – If you have laminated floors then adding a new rug can give the room a lift and make it feel a bit cosier. A lovely warm rug in front of the fireplace will make your room feel more welcoming and you don’t have to spend much to get a nice rug.

A good little project around the home will keep you busy and will add a bit of variety around your home so why not set yourself some little challenges and see how much of a DIY expert you can become?


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