Hate housework? These Home Design Ideas Are For You*

Hate housework? You’re not alone. Hoovering, dusting, polishing… they are called chores for a reason, but in an attempt to keep a clean and tidy home, we have no option other than getting on with them. However, there are ways to make life easier for yourself.

Option 1: Hire a maid, giving somebody else the ‘joy’ in looking after your home.

Option 2: Forsake housework altogether and live in squalor. Provided you have no visitors; there will be no one to notice. Well, not until the telltale signs of flies buzzing around your home that is.

Option 3: As our title suggested, you could redesign your home. As this is possibly the most viable option on this short list, read on for some tips that all haters of housework are sure to find useful.

Home Design Tips –

1. Considering the amount of foot traffic that passes through your house on a daily basis, your flooring is what needs special attention. Plush carpeting is great, but not if you have pets or kids, where spills, accidents, and muddy footprints are common. Therefore, consider hardwood or polished concrete flooring. How do I get polished concrete? No, you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to spotlessly shine it. Follow the link to find out more about this dazzling option. Hard flooring is easier to clean, and unlike carpeting, stains are easier to remove.

2. Second to flooring, it is our furniture that is more likely to attract the most dirt. Pet hairs and food stains are common, and they are ridiculously difficult to get rid of. Therefore, choose fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Leather is a popular choice, though be careful with colours. A white sofa is perfect for those looking for a bright, modern look in their home, but wine and soda stains will cause havoc with your feng-shui. You may want to opt for a darker colour instead, such as black or charcoal grey, which will hide any unsightly stains. Alternatively, look for a leather sofa that is stain-resistant. If you prefer another fabric, a few handily placed throws over your sofa are perfect and easily washable when disaster strikes.

3. Tired of all the clutter in your home? Then add some storage options to your decor. As an example, consider storage ottomans. Not only do they look good in any living room, but you can quickly store the kid’s toys or magazines in there at a moment’s notice, and your visitors will never guess how untidy your home looked minutes before.

4. When it comes to your walls, focus on the surfaces that are going to attract the most mess. For example, the kitchen is going to gather a lot of staining from food, so use easy to clean backsplash materials such as laminate, granite, or quartz on your walls. Then use a high-gloss finish around the other walls of your home. Easily washable, you can easily get rid of the ‘wonderful’ wall-art your child had created when you weren’t looking.

5. Finally, go for the minimalist look in your home. After all, the less furniture you have, the less there is to keep clean. Have a look at these classy home designs for inspiration. Not only do they look good, but you will have more time to put your feet up enjoying them, as you won’t need to spend all your valuable time cleaning. Result!

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