Preparing To Move Into Your Dream Home*

Moving into your dream home is an exciting experience. You have plenty of decorating to do (with the help of articles on this website, hopefully!). Of course, before you even get to that stage, you need to prepare to move out of your old house. If you’re not sure where to begin with such a daunting task then this guide should help you with all the steps you need to take before you move into your brand new humble abode.

Declutter –

Before you start to think about packing up all your earthly possessions, take another good look at them. Do you need everything you own? After years of living in a property, you’ve probably accumulated a large stash of possessions. You might find that, whether you’re a hoarder or not, many of your possessions are things you no longer need or even want. Don’t pack anything until you’ve thrown away all your junk because it’ll make the whole process far easier; you don’t want to bring all your useless possessions to your brand new home and clutter that place up too.

As we’ve talked about before, decluttering your home is something you can approach in many different ways. If you own things which are in good condition but of no use to you, you could try to pass them on to friends or family. You could even try to sell things on; faded furnishings can be sold for a decent price when given a lick of paint to brighten them up. The point is that you might not want to head straight to the landfill site. You could use the money you make from your old possessions to buy better things for your new home. It’s all about planning ahead. As mentioned over at, heading to a new home can be costly in terms of hiring movers and other things, so you want to make as much money as possible to support your moving budget.

Move what you can –

An interesting idea that you might not have considered is to move some of your homely possessions by yourself ahead of the official moving-in day. Of course, you might not be able to move things into the property until a specific date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move some things into storage nearer your future home’s location. You could head over to for a self-storage unit to put some of your possessions in. It might help to split up the packing and moving process so that you don’t have to do it all in one go on the day; you can put all the non-essentials into storage and keep all the immediate things at home that you’ll need for the first day (or perhaps simply for the first week).


Day 1 in your new home –

As mentioned over at, you really want to make sure you’ve sorted out the essentials on day 1 in your new home. It’s probably going to take you a while to unpack all your boxes and make this house look like a home, so you need to prioritize all the boxes that contain the basic things you need to be comfortable and happy. Toiletries, kitchen utensils, and bedding are likely all at the top of your priority list. Make sure you highlight these boxes as “important” in some way so that you can find them quickly. Perhaps you should keep some of these bare essentials in your car if you’ve hired movers, just in case there’s a problem with them reaching your new home.


*This is a collaborative post