Adding Your Artistic Touch To Your Interior*

When it comes to designing the interior space of your home; you’ll want to create a comfortable haven without scrimping on your personal style and character. It can sometimes be a challenge to know where to begin regarding the addition of your creativity, and perhaps some artistic skill to your living area. However, there are plenty of ways to polish an interior by thinking outside the box and getting crafty. This isn’t about paper mache bowls and fabric collages; you can design and make a luxe space with your skills, as long as you put them in the right direction. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want a unique and bespoke interior space, like no other, and is willing to put their time and efforts into creating one.

Print Your Photography –

If you have a knack for a great Instagram shot or the family relies on you to take all the holiday snaps; it’s time to start trawling through all your memory cards, and picking out some of your best photographs. Printing off your pictures is a great way to add the personal touch to the decoration in your home. Perhaps you could stick to a theme, like scenes from your annual getaways, nature in the UK, or black and white pictures of your family’s faces. Whatever you choose; keep the size and style consistent for a high-end and considered look. You could change the form of the frames, or mix them up a little, but make sure that they are a feature on a main wall in your home, rather than spread and scattered around everywhere.

Design Your Patterns & Prints –

What better way to get a bespoke interior than to design the items within it yourself? Maybe you have a vibrant or classic print that you love; you can use companies like Cooltone to transfer your work onto a film for your window or have your image put onto fabric. By creating the colours and design of a fabric, window, or wall decal; you’ll be able to ensure that your living space is one of a kind, and give it a luxury edge that will make the neighbours jealous. Curtains, cushions, throws, and rugs can all get the bespoke treatment from you, and it’s the perfect chance to introduce the exact shade of teal or yellow that you’ve been lusting after on Pinterest.

Frame Your Pieces –

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to your art and creativity; stop leaving it in the spare room, or your studio, and display it with pride! A classic monochrome frame is the perfect way to show an array of your pieces and will give the room a consistent and clean look. Invest in some picture shelving, or create a specific area that you can fill with an array of your work, depending on the size. The same goes for ceramics and sculptures; this is your chance to make the perfect item for your fireplace or side table, so think about the colour palette of the whole space, and how well the shapes will complement each other. Put your efforts into those important details, and you’ll have a creative, artistic interior space like no other.


*This is a collaborative post