How to Make Your Home More Elegant on a Budget*

Creating a home that looks high-end can be hard, especially when you’re working on a tight budget, but it isn’t impossible. There are things you can do to make your home look elegant and expensive even on a shoestring. Here are some of the simplest:

Add Coving – 

Creating an elegant interior is all about the little finishing touches, which is why adding coving to as many rooms as you can, will ensure an elegant high-end look. Coving gets rid of the harsh lines where the wall and ceiling meet and adds a unique design touch that elevates the whole space. For the biggest impact, you should add the widest coving you can afford on your budget. If you can, adding it to your skirting boards, as well as your ceiling, would make an even more impressive impact.

Paint it Perfect –

When you’re trying to create an elegant interior, you can either go dramatic with bold colours, like rich reds and regal purples, or you can keep it understated with softer, more muted colours like soft greys and rich creams. Both of these options will work well depending on your own personal taste.

While we’re discussing paint, one trick that interior designers use is to paint the doors of a home black. It makes them look and feel expensive, without costing as much as expensive oak interior doors, making it much more budget friendly.

Invest in Better Door Handles –

Door handles might not seem that important, but when you think about it, if you include cupboards and drawers, there are a lot of them in your home. Switching out your old, average door handles for more elegant, stylised ones, like crystal knobs and brass handles, will automatically make your doors and furniture look more luxe than they might be.

Heavy Curtains –

Your windows need to be dressed if you want your home to look elegant. If you don’t have any curtains up, your windows will look awfully bare and cheap. However, you can’t just put any curtains in place – you need to choose window treatments that are heavy, lined and made from quality materials like velvet, silk, and cotton. You should also consider using shutters, for a truly elegant look. They’ll give you a lot more privacy too.

Elegant Lighting Options –

Lighting can make a room look a lot more elegant, providing that you make wise choices. The obvious choice for lighting an elegant home would be a chandelier, and you can certainly buy these on a budget, but you should also consider glass lamps, modern designer lamps in slick chromes and golds and even high-end candles to create a high-end, but homely atmosphere.

Beautiful Accessories –

The average home is sorely lacking in the kind of accessories that bring elegance to the space. This might be because a lot of people think elegant accessories have to be expensive – that’s not necessarily true. You can find all manner of impressive antiques, carved mirrors, gold picture frames and pretty prints at affordable prices at local auction places, antique shops, charity shops and even in your local DIY place if you take the time to look, and they will really bring the space together.

As you can see, when you break it down, creating a more elegant home on a budget, really is pretty easy.


*This is a collaborative post