Home Decor Tips To Match Your Personality*

Our home is the place we come back to after a hard day at work to relax and unwind. This is our safe haven, a corner of the world that we can call our own. As we step through the door, the home should be a place that embodies who we are. From the colors to the decor, each room should reflect our personalities. There are many home design blogs, including this one, that will give you some great ideas. But ultimately how you shape your home is up to you.

Of course, you may not be adept at interior design, and this is why you look for inspiration. Considering different personality types, we have some great ideas to help you know where to start. Read on to find out more.

For social butterflies –

Are you somebody who feeds off the company of others? Do you like to throw a party on a Friday night and have a good time rocking with others? If so, consider the following design ideas in your home.

Focus on the place where you entertain others. For many of you, it will be the living room or kitchen area. Bright colors on the wall will match your vibrant personality, with eye catching features to catch people’s attention and create talking points. An open bar is great for your guests, and entertainment at hand, such as a pool table, or a dance floor will get everybody mingling and socializing.

Take a look at the rooms featured on this interior design and architect site. They may be out of your price range but focus on the wide open floor spaces on their residential page. There is plenty of space for people to move around and socialize, with a minimalist design that forgoes clutter. An open-concept floor plan, with dining, living and kitchen areas pulled into one cohesive room is ideal for anybody who isn’t bothered about privacy.

For the introverts –

Having social company isn’t out of the question, but you prefer your space than spending time with others. Therefore, you would benefit from a closed-floor plan, giving you space for privacy.

Peace and solitude will be important to you, so consider these calming colors for your decor. Comfortable seating, surrounded by everything that helps you unwind, will be ideal. Why use space for additional seating, when you can fill it with everything that helps you relax instead? From bookshelves to personal entertainment centers, the room is yours alone, without the need to share it with others.

You want to avoid clutter to help you truly relax. Plenty of storage space is a must, and low lighting will help you de energize when you are chilling out in the evening. More than the extrovert, you find solace in your individuality, so creating a space for your personal hobbies will also be useful.

On the other hand…

We have spoken generally, and your budget may determine the style you go for. We have given our opinion, but it’s your home. Whatever you do, may it reflect who you are and embody your free spirit.


*This is a collaborative post