Living Room Love: Inspiration & Makeover Ideas!*


The living room is the heart of the home, which is why it’s vital that it’s a beautiful space that you love spending time in and feel comfortable sharing with your visitors. Your lounge should be somewhere that you love, it should be the place that you look forward to relaxing in with a glass of wine and a good book at the end of a long and hectic week at work. So if you don’t love the space, you need to do something about it.

If your living room is yet to reach its full potential, below are some pieces of inspiration and design ideas to take note of.

It’s all about the neutrals

There’s no colour scheme more elegant and sophisticated than neutrals. Of all the neutral tones to opt to incorporate into your living room, the best combination is grey, white and beige, because these tones work seamlessly together, creating a space that has a wonderfully luxurious vibe to it. For the walls, aim to keep them light – stick to white or beige to help ensure that the room remains as light and airy as possible. If you want to add grey to the walls, incorporate an accent wall that’s painted or wallpapered – there are some lovely wallpaper designs that you can choose from. The cost of redecorating can be high, which is one reason why people put it off for so long. However, redecorating doesn’t have to be unaffordable. There’s the option of taking out a loan to cover the costs of your project or, you could choose to save up over a set period, and then decorate once you’ve got the required funds. Whatever you do, don’t let money stop you breathing new life into your living room, because it doesn’t have to.

Minimalism is a must

To create a space that you love, minimalism is key. The fact is that every living room design that you see in home decor magazines or pictured on Instagram have one thing in common, and that is that they are all minimalist spaces. There’s no mess or clutter around; there’s not too much furniture crammed in. These spaces are open, airy, and free from any clutter, which is what your living room needs to be like if you are going to enjoy spending time in it. Clutter not only impacts the look of a space, but it also changes the atmosphere and mood. For a living room that looks smart and stylish and has a relaxing and tranquil vibe, a minimalist design is key.


Be smart about accessories 

When it comes to selecting accessories for your living room, remember to be smart about it. Don’t just pick out any old pieces, take the time to determine what would work well in the space. Take into account the colour scheme of your living room and the design style, and pick pieces that compliment both. For a vintage-inspired space, think crochet lace throws, faux fur rugs, and pretty wall art. For a modern space, think geometric printed rugs, throws and ottomans, rose gold dishes and plant pots, and modern pieces of art. When choosing accessories, be sure to take the colour scheme and design style of the space into account, as well as your budget.

Light it up 

The lighting of a room plays a huge part in the atmosphere and mood of the space. Swapping out old light fixtures for new, matching feature pieces will instantly change up the dynamic, adding style and elegance. To make the space look and feel cosier, dot table lamps and floor lamps around the room.

There you have it, ideas and inspiration for making your living room a space that you love.



*This is a collaborative post