4 Steps To A Gorgeous Guest Bedroom*


When you invite guests to stay at your home, naturally you want to ensure that they not only sleep soundly but that they also enjoy the space that they are staying in. For one reason or another, the room that most homeowners struggle to get the decor and design right of is their guest bedroom. Balancing your personal tastes with simple and stylish design principles isn’t always easy, which is why a lot of guest bedroom design mistakes are made.

In a space created for your guests, the most important thing is to ensure that it’s not only smart and stylish, but also that it’s clean, tidy, and has a minimalistic look and feel to it, as there’s nothing worse and less relaxing than being surrounded by clutter. To help make the process of designing the most incredible guest bedroom that oozes comfort and charm easier, below are four tips to take note of and implement.

1. Focus on minimalism 

For the design of a guest bedroom that your guests actually want to stay in, minimalism is key. Don’t make the mistake of using your guest bedroom as an extra storage space, ensure it’s somewhere that lacks clutter and is wonderfully neat and tidy. For the colour palette, stick to neutral tones – think white, cream, grey, beige, or tan. If you want to add a little colour to the space, opt to use pastel hues. Pastels are ideal for using in sleeping spaces as they add colour without being too bright or bold. The best colours for a bedroom are seafoam blue and moss green, as these are meant to help relax and soothe.

2. Invest in quality bedding 

High-quality bedding is essential for any guest bedroom. By investing in quality linen, that will not only wear well but will also ensure that your guests have a good night’s sleep, you can make your visitors’ stay a more enjoyable one. Always opt for natural bed linen, like cotton, as synthetic material is less comfortable and doesn’t wear as well. You can pick up quality bedding at wholesale prices from suppliers like Richard Haworth, which means that there’s no excuse for not treating your guests to the softest and most luxurious linen. Stick to all white bed linen if possible, and then top the bed with a cute, quirky, and stylish throw. Remember, when it comes to adding accessories to the space, match them to the throw in terms of colour scheme.


3. Light it up 

Don’t presume that the main light will offer enough light for your guests. Incorporate various light sources around the room, so that wherever your guests are, there is a lamp or additional light source to the main light. Dot lamps around the room, making sure to place table lamps on either side of the bed, so that should your guests want to read before going to sleep they can do.

4. It’s the little things 

 When it comes to guest room success, it really is the little things that make all the difference. Popping a jug of water and a couple of glasses on a tray in your guest bedroom is a nice touch, as it allows your guests to get a drink whenever they are thirsty. To give them the chance to relax in bed in the morning, why not invest in a coffee machine to pop in the room, along with milk and cups, so that your guests can get their morning caffeine fix as and when they want it. Pop a stack of magazines somewhere in the room, so that if your guests forget their books, they have plenty to read.

Getting your guest bedroom design right can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking note of the tips above, you can ensure that whenever you have guests visiting, they are relaxed and comfortable in your home.



*This is a collaborative post