5 Steps To A Tidy Kitchen

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Your kitchen is one of the main spaces within your home & as the song in the Ikea advert stated ‘you will always find us in the kitchen at parties…’. For some reason people are naturally drawn to them & if like me you have an open plan layout or your kitchen is pretty visible then keeping it looking clean & tidy is so important.

I’ve come up with 5 tips to keep your kitchen looking perfect, these may be things to do multiple times a day, every day or a couple of times a year but all of them will insure your kitchen stays looking beautiful even if you are surprised by an unexpected visitor.
1. Clean your surfaces –
Personally, I do this multiple times a day as my children eat up at the island so wiping them down with antibacterial spray is essential. But I’m not just talking about routine day to day cleaning, sometimes it pays to remove EVERYTHING off your kitchen worktops, give them a good clean & then stand back to appreciate how decluttered they look whilst working out what you genuinely need out on the sides (if you don’t use it on a daily basis or it be aesthetically pleasing then it should really be hidden in a cupboard). Cluttered work surfaces are not only bad to look at but they can also use up valuable food prep space as well as harbour germs from uncooked food.


2. It is NOT a dumping ground –
For some reason, with many people I know the kitchen becomes a dumping ground for stray items. Paperwork is the main culprit with discarded post creating piles ready to be sorted. Make a habit of sorting things before they find their way into your kitchen & find a home for everything. If you open a letter & it’s junkmail then put it straight into the recycling bin, if it’s important then file it somewhere safe. If you need to have a ‘shit drawer’ as we affectionately call it (& we do have one!) then make sure you clear it out every couple of weeks.


3. Never leave dishes in the sink –
Wash your dishes daily or if you have a dishwasher then unload first thing in the morning, reload throughout the day, put it on before bed & repeat. It takes 5 minutes to unload & if left empty it will encourage everyone to pop dirty items in it rather than leaving them out on the side next to the dishwasher (as if the dishwasher fairy comes by & they magically find their own way in).


4. Let it go –
As my least favourite disney princess says (well, she did steal my daughters name & I do have to listen to this 50x on an average day…)  just ‘let it go’. Get rid of anything you don’t need & by that I mean seriously, how many mugs can one person own? Most of us have way too much crockery as well as kitchen gadgets we’ve never used which just take up valuable space. Give anything to charity & you’ll be doing a good deed at the same time.


5. Organise your cupboards –
This is the main point & is one which you’ll probably need to keep on top of as it can easily go back to it’s unorganised routes. Arrange so that items are in food groups such as a tin shelf, a rice/pasta/spaghetti shelf & so on. You could even go all out & pop cereals & so on in handy jars with chalk board labels which are straight out of Pinterest.




  1. Olive Watters @oloveinteriors
    June 3, 2017 / 8:00 am

    Love looking at your home u r a tonic love all your posts ?

    • Charlotte Amor Valentine
      June 4, 2017 / 10:14 am

      Thank you Olive 🙂 x