New Years Resolutions For Your Home*

January is a the time of year when the world is focused on new beginnings. It’s time to take down the Christmas decorations & embrace the New Year with both hands. December can be manic with social occasions, shopping for gifts & preparing for Christmas day so Januarys quietness be somewhat a relief.

With a brand new year brings a fresh start & many opportunities to make changes that so many of us strive towards such as improving our health, spending more time with loved ones to even little things like reading more. It’s the perfect time to bring the concept of a health kick to your home at the same time to bringing it’s occupants into Spring with ease.

So you’ve set some resolutions that YOU’D like to achieve in 2017, what about setting some for your home? With the help of Matalan, I’ve compiled a list of things The Home That Made Me will be embarking on this January as well as undertaking a bit of a makeover to make my home stand out –

Weight loss –
I’m not talking about ditching the excess pounds from over indulging on too many mince pies. I’m talking about the clutter that takes over & can leave cupboards full to the brim meaning all those presents are left without homes. It’s time to have a sort out & be as ruthless as possible to make room for the new. Going room by room, sort things into piles for sell, donate or bin.

Detox –
Drinking fruit smoothies is all well & good but the real detox is ridding your home of anything that doesn’t make us truly happy. It’s time to remove that bedding which has seen better days, the saucepans which have given up the ghost over cooking Christmas dinner or the cushions which don’t make your heart flutter. Embark on a spot of ‘retail therapy’ to bring your home alive & make you fall in love with it all over again.

De-stress –
Making your home as calm & mindful as possible will instantly create a sense of sanctuary. After a busy day of work it’s vital for you to be able to relax & unwind so using pale, neutral colours with simple accessories will provide the perfect environment. Include soft throws to curl up under on a chilly evening.

Cleanse –
It may be a few months until spring is upon us for the typical ‘spring clean’ but once the decorations are down & our homes instantly feel fresher & even fairly minimalist, it’s the perfect opportunity to give a once over to cleanse your home.

Light the way –
Natural daylight may be in short supply at the moment but set the mood with scented candles to get into the hygge spirit & give your home a cosy look. This Pomegranate & Cassis luxury candle is perfect for those cold winter evenings & will make your house smell beautiful at the same time.

Bring some colour –

Personally, I definitely feel hints of the dreaded ‘January blues’ which are all too easy when the excitement of Christmas is over & we are all focusing on a health kick of not drinking, eating well & pinching the pennies. To combat this, our homes can benefit from some mood-boosting colours from introducing cosy throws, pastel cushions, bright bedspreads or colourful china. See how much brighter & cheerier you feel!

I’ve stepped away from my beige roots to embrace some warming & feminine lilacs in my bedroom with this bedspread along with accessorising with cushions including this super soft large Mongolian & this velvet cushion.

Take inspiration from nature –
This means either bringing plants into your home (which also helps cleanse the air thus making it healthier) or letting the natural world outside guide you. At this time of year it’s natural for everything to slow down (but unfortunately your boss may have something to say about hibernating!) so it’s the perfect time to embrace simple pleasures such as reading a good book under a cosy blanket surrounded by plump cushions whilst sipping warm tea.

Matalan have hit the nail on the head with their new homeware collection for the New Year which is perfect for slowing down & getting cosy. Think pastel hues to bring a soft feminine vibe to your bedroom or lounge to the more eccentric tribal prints which are predicted to be the new shabby chic of 2017.

So what are you waiting for? 2017 is going to be the best year yet!


*This is a collaborative post