Interior Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Space is one of the main things that people look for when choosing a home, so it’s so important to make the most of the space that you do have as well as utilise this to it’s full potential.

As Brennan & Dale once quoted in one of the best movies of all time – Stepbrothers….’There’s so much room for activities!’ (if you’ve seen this film then you’ll get where I’m coming from…if not, where have you been?!).
Not only does space allow more room to carry out day to day life but also for guests & lets face it, many homes in the UK have a huge lack of square footage. 

Instead of selling up & moving somewhere bigger, I’ve come up with some clever tricks to make your room look bigger –

Declutter –

Yes I’m at it again. I’m sure the readers of this blog are beyond fed up of me banging on about the ‘art of decluttering‘ BUT it’s the best thing ever. Not only does it feel absolutely incredible to rid yourself of unnecessary junk but it’s also massively productive & it helps others if you choose to sell or donate said junk. 

Stick to light colours –
I once had a dark blood red middle eastern inspired bedroom which I soon grew out of & decided to paint it in my favourite shade of paint, Wilko’s ‘Coastline’. I genuinely couldn’t BELIEVE how much bigger the room looked just from painting it a lighter & brighter shade. If you are a fan of deep, rich colours then it may be time to go to the light side.

Use light –

Another way to make a room look bigger is to increase the light as much as possible. If you never open your blinds properly or your curtains are too big then try taking them down for an instant stream of sunlight. 

You can also increase the artificial light by purchasing some floor or table lamps which give off a warm & welcoming glow. I find that I rarely use our main overhead lighting as it can cause an overflow of shadows which in turn makes a room look smaller.

Lastly on the light front, make the most of natural light by placing a mirror opposite a window to bounce reflections around. Go for one large mirror or alternatively group smaller mirrors to add a quirky feature.

Furniture – 
When buying furniture, don’t overcrowd or buy anything that overpowers the room. Another trick is to buy raised furniture (such as sofa’s with legs) or pull furniture away from walls to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Draw the eye upwards –

If you aren’t blessed with high ceilings then a great way to give the illusion is to add a striped (vertical) feature wall like this.