5 Things To Consider When Furnishing The Main Rooms In Your Home*

The two spaces which you’ll spend the most amount of time in your home are your lounge, or ‘living room’ as some call it due to it being just that, a room to ‘live’ in, followed closely by your bedroom which is given considering we spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping.

Due to the amount of time spent in these two spaces, they are probably the most important rooms to get right so that you can live (or sleep…) in peace with beautiful surroundings.

When designing a room, one of the first things to look to is furniture that will give the basis for the rest of the schemes, with paint colours & accessories flowing from this. 

I’ve teamed up with Willow & Hall to bring you this post. They are a British company specialising in providing the ‘perfect’ item that they’ve spent 35 years of tried & tested research coming up with. Everything is made right here in the UK (Wiltshire to be precise) by hand to make sure each bit of furniture gives that real wow factor.

Willow & Hall produce the main pieces of furniture for both lounges (sofa’s, sofa beds & armchairs) & bedrooms (beds & mattresses). They’ve also just released 80 brand new fabrics to choose from.

So, what should you consider when designing these two essential spaces?

1. Colour schemes – do you want to go bold & brash with deep rich or even clashing colours, or are you a calm & neutral kind of girl like me? I always recommend going for furniture which you firstly won’t fall out of love with 6 months down the line, secondly will be timeless so not to go out of fashion within it’s lifespan & lastly, will change with your tastes. For these reasons, a bright pink sofa may not always be the best idea but try going for a neutral colour such as beige or grey then use soft furnishings to inject colour without being too much of an investment. Willow & Hall offer a free fabric sample option in ‘cosy pack’ so you can be sure you’ve picked the perfect tone.

2. Occupants – if you’re a lone occupant then a white sofa may be visible, however if you’ve got 3 young children & a pack of dogs then it’ll probably last 5 minutes. However boring practical may be, think strongly about your occupants & how they’ll impact your decisions. From linen to tweed, cotton to wool, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fabric to suit your home & it’s habitants. 

3. Comfort – this is the most important aspect as both of these rooms require you to feel comfortable & relaxed. After a long day, it’s important to be able to curl up on your comfy sofa watching Netflix or climb into a warm cosy bed ready for a full nights sleep. Willow & Hall offer 14 day satisfaction guarantee which means that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, despite being bespoke made, they’ll collect & refund you without any quibbles.

4. Quality – I cannot express this enough but for items of furniture that you’ll be using so frequently, it’s SO important to go for quality. Ultimately, buying cheaper, low quality items will end up costing you more in the long run when you end up having to replace them every couple of years rather than standing the test of time. All Willow & Hall furniture comes complete with a 10 year warrantee.

5. Function – if you don’t have a spare bedroom & have guests staying then a sofa bed is a brilliant idea. If space is limited then try to go with options which also incorporate storage such as storage beds, blanket boxes or ottomans.  

If you’re thinking of a new look in time for Christmas then the cut off date for order is 16th November. 

Willow & Hall have also provided all The Home That Made Me readers with a 5% off discount code using ‘HOME’ at checkout.


*This is a sponsored post