50,000 Instagram Followers

Today I reached the incredible milestone of 50,000 followers on Instagram!

It’s quite clear that I’m a pretty big fan of the social media platform that spurred me on to create this blog & given me more opportunities than I could dream of. 

When I first started using Instagram, I didn’t really understand why people would put pictures up & even though at that point I was very interested in Interiors…the accounts I followed made little sense to me. I remember asking myself ‘Why are they posting a picture of their lounge but talking about something completely unrelated like a picnic in the park in the caption?’ or wondering if these people ever left the walls of their home as that’s all they seemed to photograph. I’m now the biggest culprit.

I often get asked how my followers grew at such a great rate of knots but this started just as anybody else account, by posting little snippets of my own home as well as any crafting/upcycling/DIY that I was doing. I found that the more followers I got, the more kept coming & it spiralled from there. To check out my top IG tips click here.

My favourite thing about Instagram is the community. I could probably count the negative comments on two hands & when you’re putting yourself out there on the internet, that is a pretty bit fete to not be ‘trolled’ or targeted. 

We are all drawn together by our love of all things ‘home’. 

Everyone is so friendly & supportive which leads me on to ‘Instafam’. No I haven’t turned into a 90’s rapper, this is the gorgeous family that I’ve built up & who take the time to like/comment/message on my posts as well as check in occasionally to see what I’m up to or how I am. I never ever expected that strangers would be interested in my life or take on internet friendships (which husband thinks is super weird but has become so normal to me now…).

It’s also become a gateway for me to express my passion of interiors as well as inspire others. None of my ‘real life’ friends would want to involve themselves in a conversation about Farrow & Ball’s ‘Elephants Breathe’ or ‘Dead Salmon’, in fact they’d probably look at me like I’d grown 3 heads.

But, you guys just ‘get’ it.

It’s crazy how you can feel like you know somebody from just following them on Instagram & seeing little snippets of their life. I’m pretty sure that if I was placed in a room with my followers we’d all get on like a house on fire. 

The downside of being in the Instagram Interiors club is the obvious lusting over other peoples homes, constant need to decorate, loss of bank balance as well as a lack of phone battery & the dreaded moaning ‘neglected’ husband. 

Love, Charlotte x