Clay Blooms – Peony Season All Year Round*

Peonies are the timeless delight of Spring/Summer which turns us all into obsessive flower lovers & pop up feed after feed on Instagram.

The season is officially over for peonies for 2016, much to my dismay, however anybody that’s been following me for a while will know that I’m a big fan of artificial flowers as well as the real deal.

Normally artificial flowers are made from silk or synthetic materials, however I came across one talented lady who makes the most incredible artificial flowers from CLAY.

Clay? Yup thats right. As in the stuff that makes pottery or ceramics.

Tatiana explained that she makes them by passing polymerclay through a pasta making machine to get a thin layer then uses a variety of tools including cutters, knifes & her hands to create petals & leaves. She then dries these out & paints them using oil paints before assembling the flower.

Texture wise, they are fairly soft & maluable but obviously delicate to touch. Being made from clay I was expecting the flowers to be hard & ‘set’ however they have a much softer feel.

The attention to detail is absolutely breathtaking & shows in every single petal. They all have individial texture that you’d expect to see on real blooms.

She makes all sorts of types of flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, sweet peas & narcissus as well as full bouquets for years & years of enjoyment.


You can find more of Tatiana’s work on her website here as well as follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a sponsored post