Conservatory Makeover – Week 5


This week has seen a huge amount of progress & I’m finally beginning to see an end in sight after living in a building site for 5 weeks. Last week when I said we were nearly watertight, I think I was getting slightly ahead of myself & I soon realised how that wasn’t actually the case once it started raining & finding little holes where the roof only had insulation & tarpaulin over it.

The roof has been rubberised which carries a 20 year guarantee so definitely no leaking for us. This worked out our cheapest option other than felting which would need replacing constantly. It also meant that because we weren’t having tiles we didn’t need steels to hold up the weight.

We also had 2x roof lanterns fit & put in the window that was taken out when the side wall was built up. All the glass/windows at the front are from the existing conservatory so haven’t cost us anything.



The scaffolding came down this morning too which means we kind of have a garden back!

The exterior is nearing completion apart from some Cedral Weatherboarding to finish off/hide the wooden areas.

The french doors between the existing conservatory/extension & the main house have been removed ready for our open plan layout, which has made the space much lighter BUT stopping Rory from going in when it’s still a massive building site is not going to be easy for the next few weeks. We’ve also had to live with it being open whilst the roof lanterns & window weren’t in so we were all frozen in the evening when it got colder!



The next few weeks will be focusing on the interior which is unfortunately where things start to slow down slightly, especially when it comes to plasterboarding & waiting for plaster to dry before being able to paint.

I’m starting to think about ordering the furniture (console table, dresser, larger dining room table, armchair plus accessories) that I want for the new area. Also carpet as I’m looking for something hardwearing & stain resistant.

My storage seating bench has been listed on Ebay if anybody is interested click here. Collection from Christchurch just outside Bournemouth.

Love, Charlotte x