Child Safety With Lindam

One of the main flaws in having an open plan layout is definitely the safety aspect with having young children & something that’s been a bit of an issue since Rory started to get on the move.


He’s definitely a typical little boy who’s into literally everything. Think pulling everything out of every single cupboard in the kitchen (taking Tupperware parties to a whole new level..) or trying to climb up the stairs every time I turn my back. It’s EXHAUSTING!

Thankfully that’s where the clever designers at Lindam (also part of the Munchkin brand) have come in handy to parents everywhere; saving them from having eyes in the back of their heads 24/7 & many a trapped finger.

I’m going to guide you through the safety precautions we have in place to stop any unwanted trips to A&E along with our sanity.

First up is the stair gate. Pretty self-explanatory but essential for any home with little people. Not only are they needed for the obvious climb up/fall down stair situation, but they also come in handy for doorways to stop tiny escapees.

Being just a tiny bit house obsessed, having to have anything too ugly as soon as you walk in to my otherwise beautiful house wasn’t my ideal situation so I went on the hunt for a bit of a special stair gate that wasn’t the typical white plastic look & found this beauty.

Sure Shut Deco Safety Gate – £43.00

I didn’t want to drill into the walls or banister so went with a pressure fit gate – this also means it can easily be moved around & fits openings from 76cm – 82cm (or up to 117cm with a separate extension piece).

It also has a ‘push to shut’ safety mechanism & is probably the easiest stair gate to open/close that I’ve encountered. You just push a button & push down to open, then push it shut to close it. Perfect when you’ve got a baby on your hip & a 3 year old having a breakdown about being given the wrong coloured cup & your hands full of laundry.

Next up is the kitchen which has been the biggest bug bear of all. I’ve reached several points where I would have sold Rory to the highest bidder when I pop to the loo then come back to half the contents of my kitchen spread across the floor. Sometimes I wonder how much time I spend putting things back where they belong.


All the lower cupboards now have safety catches on (£3.00 for a pack of 6) which mean they can’t be opened more than a couple of cm. To open them you just push the plastic arm which releases it from the internal catch. These are drilled into the inside of the cupboards & I purposely didn’t want anything that went on the outside that may remove some of the paint work plus they aren’t the most pleasant things to look at.


We also put an Xtra Guard Dual Locking Drawer Latch on our cutlery drawer as we keep our sharp knives in there. This is £5.50 – a small price to pay for drawers that impose a huge risk to curious little hands.

The one cupboard I didn’t put any safety catches on was this cupboard which I now keep bits that can be taken out & played with whilst I’m cooking which won’t be dangerous but can still keep the littles entertained & involved with cooking.

Finally, all unused plug sockets within reach have been covered with these UK plug socket covers which are £3.00 for 4. Again, a pretty obvious one which stops little rascals from shoving god knows what into dangerous outlets.

Childproofing needn’t ruin the look of your home but please remember that your child’s safety ALWAYS comes first. It’s important to look into all avenues when assessing your home from a curious child’s perspective so please read all the guides on the Lindam website.

Love, Charlotte x

Please note – this post is a sponsered collaboration with Lindham however ‘The Home That Made Me’ will always indicate to readers when a post is a sponsored/collaborative effort. In doing this, I reserve the right to be honest & authentic. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own & 100% genuine.

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