Prepare For Spring Cleaning With Garden Trading

It’s no secret that I’m a complete neat freak & must spend the majority of my time cleaning. This time of year is the perfect time for everyone, whether you are naturally grimy or shiney, to get your rubber gloves on & get stuck in to the annual ‘Spring Clean’.

Now the weathers turning, days are getting longer, daffodils have sprouted & lambs are baa’ing in their fields; it’s time to prepare yourself & start making a plan on the best way to get it done with the minimal amount of work & fuss. Don’t let it take over your life but DO let it change your life.

Now, as my mother always says ‘perfect peparation prevents poor performance’ so I’ve been thinking about my top tips for doing this to make sure it’s as smooth sailing as possible –

Make a checklist –
What needs doing? Work from room to room noting things that probably should be done frequently but you’ve neglected for months on end because general life has got in the way. Make sure you break everything down into snippits so that you know what you can complete in 5 minutes here & there compared to those bigger jobs that need a note in the diary & will take more planning.

Be prepared –
Preparing to be prepared! Make sure you have everything you’ll need to make that dust & dirt quiver in it’s boots. Stock up on cleaning products & organise them nicely.

Make it fun –
I’m sure we could all think of a million & one things that we’d rather be doing than cleaning the toilet BUT these things need to be done so you might as well make it fun. I have become the queen of this since having children & having to turn everything into a game in order to encourage them to do things.
Make it a ‘race’ & time yourself ready to be beaten each time (but still do a good job obviously!), put on music & try to complete a room within x amount of songs etc.

Delegate –
This is one that should in theory work brilliantly but if you have a lazy husband like me it’ll probably be more hassle nagging to then get a half-arsed job anyway so you might as well do it yourself. If however you are blessed with one that is slightly better trained then by all means get them involved! If you have older children then they can help too.


TOP TIP – pop some lavender essential oils into some water to spray on fabric to keep it smelling fresh whilst ironing.

Create a daily/weekly/monthly chore list –
This is to help you moving forward once done. If you have older children then make sure to include them in this on a rota system & create rewards once completed. Daily lists include making your bed, wiping down surfaces, loading/unloading dishwasher, any laundry & so on. Weekly would be things like dusting & monthly cleaning windows. These will differ depending on your household plus what you regard as priorities!

Do your research –
Spend some time looking up tips on the best way of doing things. You’ll be surprised what brilliant methods you’ll be able to find online which will save you SO much time in the longrun than scrubbing at things with every chemical under your sink aimlessly with no affect. You’ll be surprised what simple (& more eco-friendly) things most people have lying round their house that double up as brilliant grime busters.

Finally & most importantly, make it easier with pretty accessories –
What’s more motivating than having gorgeous cleaning accessories & products? Garden Trading sell some lovely utility & household items that make the job so much easier. From dustpans to clothes horses or even wall mounted rotating soap (pure genius right there…).

Clothes dryer
Grey stripe tea towels
Linin mister
Enamal utility holder
Storage jar with pegs

I’m definitely encouraged to get my duster & polish out when it’s carried round in a beautiful utility holder, that’s for sure.

Love, Charlotte x

Please note – this post features items from Great Little Trading Co however ‘The Home That Made Me’ will always indicate to readers when a post is a sponsored/collaborative effort. In doing this, I reserve the right to be honest & authentic about the product to be reviewed. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own & 100% genuine.


  1. April 13, 2016 / 11:30 am

    You say clothes horse. Hurrah. I'm not the only one. My kids do as they got it from me but their friends look bemused when they say it.