Conservatory Makeover – Week 1

Last week I told you all about my plan to turn my leaking unusable conservatory into an extension as well as some other good news (see here) – well, this week we’ve been busy at work & I’m going to be blogging the process each week to keep you all updated on how it’s going.

Anybody that’s had a conservatory will no doubt be with me when I say that the idea is great, but the reality is less than great. I was so excited when we moved in at the prospect but soon realised how impractical it is. In the winter it’s freezing despite 2 large radiators & in the summer it gets SO hot that candles/crayons & so on end up melting plus it definitely doesn’t make my crows feet any better having to squint because it’s so bright in there.

See my room tour for an idea of the ‘before’ here.

The conservatory is only 8 years old but unfortunately the company that put it up went out of business & despite trying to locate the sole trader to put to use the 10 year guarantee, he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth so obviously our conseravatory isn’t the only one that he did a bad job of.

After talking to several tradesmen & conservatory specialists, they all came back & said that basically the entire roof needed replacing. This would have cost a similar amount to putting a proper roof on & making it into a more usable space.

I’m hoping it’ll be done in about 4 weeks although these things always take longer than anticipated & already our builder has pushed back a few days & it’s currently raining so he can’t do much!







Our overall plan is to build up both the sides, keep the front glass windows/doors & then to lay a rubberised flat roof with 2x roof lanterns. The inside will be carpeted & become a big family room with sofa, lots of toy storage & a place we can actually spend time rather than being dripped on & freezing/sweating like we previously had in there!


Having tarpaulin up over the two french doors makes inside feel like a bit of a bat cave but hopefully it’ll be watertight in a few weeks & I’d rather than than all the plasterboard be ruined.

I look forward to showing you all the progress next week.

Love, Charlotte x