Saving Money On Household Bills*

When you have been renting for some time, it can often feel blissful to think about owning your own home. You don’t have to worry about the landlord kicking you out. You don’t have the concern of making a rent payment every month, and the place is yours. But when you do move in, you realise that the monthly outgoings aren’t gone. Not by a long way. And if you’ve been renting inclusive of bills, you may be in for a shock.


The bills connected to a house can be surprisingly high for what often seems like very little. Your first electricity bill always comes as a shock. You think back about what you used that electricity for and wonder why it would cost so much. For a week or so, you really closely monitor your use, and then you realize that pretty much everything uses some electricity. Cutting your bills is far from easy, but it can be done.

The main reason that we end up with high bills is over-use of energy. It is something we are always advised to avoid, because it is bad for the environment. But it is also bad for our bank balance. There are changes we can make around the home that will allow us to save money on our energy bills. They may require some initial outlay to achieve, but long term they pay for themselves in what they save you.

Ways You Can Save On Heating –

You may need to have an inspection on your home to see exactly where it loses heat and lets in cold air. In so many cases, the main expense on an electricity or fuel bill comes from heating the home. Preventing the home from losing that heat means that you save on your bills. Adding insulation, and installing new windows can make a big difference. The extra good news is that the less electricity and fuel you use, the better for the environment. In some cases, you can get a grant for this kind of home improvement.

Fix Faults In Your Home

A lot of energy and money is wasted because there are faults around a home that pretty much literally leak money out of the house. Replacing loose tiles, fixing pipes and getting rid of appliances that are not working efficiently can all make a difference. You may find that if you replace your conservatory roof, you’ll stop needing to use the heating as often and for as long.

Switch Your Supplier –

A good way to lower excessive electricity, gas and water bills is to look at what you could get if you switch suppliers. Often, the new supplier will give you lower bills for new customers. You can then go back to your current supplier and tell them what is on offer elsewhere. They may then match or reduce what is being charged. There are a lot of suppliers currently overcharging for energy use because they can. Scaring them into cutting bills is worth a try.

Saving money on household bills may require a lot of work up front, but it will be proven worthwhile when you look at your outgoing costs across a year. The savings you make can be put back into the home in a more productive way.
Love, Charlotte x
*This is a collaborative post