This year, I decided that a new tradition was to be started in the Valentine household. 

As a child, I can’t really remember much about Christmas Eve apart from being so excited when going to bed about Santa coming in the middle of the night then waking up super early to open presents. Why is it not made even more exciting with a Christmas Eve box? 
For me, this time of year is all about family & i’m so excited this year that Elsa is much more aware of what’s going on than last year (but then again I’m sure i’ll be saying exactly the same thing next year). I want to make everything as perfect as possible so they’ll always look back & remember those times with Joe & I with such fond memories. 
I’ve seen some people do these before so decided as it was going to become a bit of a tradition, then we should have a proper box which will be taken down from the loft year in & year out to be filled with goodies to enjoy the night before Christmas. 
What you’ll need –
A box – I actually used a box that I had from All of their products come in these beautiful tiffany blue boxes which are surprisingly sturdy. I wanted something quite big so that it could hold all our goodies & this is literally the perfect size….plus it’s a great excuse to order some of their bespoke goodies. If you can get your hands on a wooden box then that’s the ideal scenario but it’s all about making use of the things you have! 
Paint – i’ve gone for chalk paint (Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’) as i’m a lazy painter so the less prep work (no undercoat needed) then the better, plus it’s nice & thick so only took a one of coat. Plus because i’m painting on to cardboard I didn’t want water based paint to make anything too soggy. 

Decoration – I went with wooden reindeer off eBay which were £4.99 for 10 inc P&P. I painted & stuck these on but it depends on the look you want to go for. Try stencilling for a cheaper alternative!
Wooden letters – again, you could get a stencil & paint these on or do it freehand but I just liked the look of the small wooden letters. I bought them off eBay then painted them white using Annie Sloan ‘Original White’ (the same as the reindeers). I chose the 3cm letters which were 23p per letter & I spelt out ‘The Valentine Family Christmas Eve Box’ so 33 letters for £7.50 including P&P.

Glue – I used my glue gun but any strong glue would do.
How I made it – 
REMEMBER: Make sure you lay your stencils/wooden letters out to see how they’ll go BEFORE you start – nothing worse than realising after you’ve gone to all that effort that things won’t fit or it doesn’t look right.

1. Paint your entire box, letters & decorations

2. Once completely dry (I recommend leaving a day so it is 100% dry) you can start sticking on your letters & decor (I used a glue gun but any will do)

3. Fill your box with chosen goodies

4. Have an amazing Christmas Eve!!
What’s in my box? –

A personalised popcorn bowl from Sophia Victoria Joy LTD for £16. Now I am absolutely in LOVE with all of this talented ladies products. Anybody that’s been following me for a while will know how much I adore personalised products & these are done so beautifully that I could literally buy everything on her site.

Popcorn to fill the above bowl.

New PJ’s for all of us – I ended up buying the grey next stay PJ’s that were on my Birthday/Christmas wish list as I couldn’t live without them!! 
Hot chocolate.
A Christmas DVD – we’ve gone for ‘The Snowman’ box set which was £5 from Primark this year.

A personalised christmas plate ready to put snacks out for Santa’s arrival. This was done by one of my absolute favourite Instagrammers, the lovely @life_with_oakley & are £10 plus £3.50 P&P.

Some chocolate – mini maltesers reindeer & a milkybar polar bear for Elsa.

I’VE TEAMED UP WITH @SOPHIAVICTORIAJOY TO GIVE AWAY ONE OF HER BEAUTIFUL PERSONALISED ENAMEL POPCORN BOWLS – to be in for a chance to win this i’ll be playing a game of ‘tag’ on my Instagram page tomorrow (Saturday 5th December) from 10am.
Love, Charlotte x


  1. December 5, 2015 / 1:38 pm

    Beautiful & your kiddies will have special memories to last a life time. My children receive an Xmas bag each the day before Xmas eve with DVDs, Chocs & stationary goodies, these are left by the 'Christmas Fairy' under our tree & helps occupy them as there excitement grows, the fairy then suprises them again on Xmas eve by leaving new PJs- she's very clever, even washes & irons them! Like you Charlotte I have very few Xmas eve memories & want to make sure they have special ones. Love how you've personalised the box xx

  2. December 7, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    LOVE the idea of the 'Christmas fairy' & she definitely sounds like a very clever lady knowing exactly what to bring plus how to wash & iron. If only we had one of those year round eh? 🙂 x