You Don’t Need Great Credit To Get Some Extra Cash*

You will hear the same piece of ‘advice’ from a lot of places. That your credit is the be-all and end-all of getting financial assistance. There’s no doubt that bad credit can eliminate some of the options for getting loans that you might otherwise rely on. But you always have options. If you find yourself in need of a cash injection, consider some of the methods below to get it even if you can’t rely on your credit.


Cutting down your bills –
First, you need to really take stock of what your finances are doing. The truth is that a lot of us don’t fully realise the extent of bills and subscriptions that we’re signed up for. So take stock by taking a deeper look at your bank statements. Track it for a while to see what comes out in the course of a month. You may very well find there are some subscriptions you’ve entirely forgotten about. You may be able to simply cancel those. Otherwise, you should look at other ways to save on household bills. Take an efficient approach to how you use energy and water. Consider even calling up your service providers to negotiate a better deal for you. The threat of switching providers will make some of those who profess they can’t do anything to help suddenly helpful.


Finding some cash injections –
If you’re serious about getting more money, you need to do more than find savings. You have to be something of a hound when it comes to sniffing out opportunities of making a bit extra. The first place to consider looking is all around your house. In your wardrobes, drawers and attics. We all have a lot of possessions that others might get more use out of than us. Often they’ll be very glad to pay for them. Doing freelance work, taking hobbies like writing and photography, can also be a handy way to make cash in your spare time.


Consider your real assets –
Then you have those big assets in your life. We’re not talking spare clothes and trinkets. Rather, we’re thinking about those that can serve as a real financial bedrock. We’re talking about your car or your home. If you have a business, it might even do. These are tremendously valuable assets that can serve to help you get a loan in place of your credit. Homeowner loans can be a very valid way of getting yourself a good deal of cash to boost your finances. So long as you’re sensible with them, they don’t have to be as risky as they might sound, either. If you’re in financial trouble, you might be in trouble of losing your assets. So use them and keep them instead.


We hope this guide has helped you understand that you are very rarely left without options. There’s always a way to cut down on your costs a bit. There’s always a way to find a bit more cash, too. There are even other means of finding a loan that can give your finances a real boost. Don’t give up just because your credit isn’t looking good.
Love, Charlotte x
*This is a collaborative post