The Best Home Crafts For Autumn*

If you are anything like me and a little obsessed with home interiors and craft, then you probably like to make some of the stuff that goes into them yourself. With a new season soon to be upon us, I take a look at the best autumnal crafts below, to make your home feel cozy and warm as the temperature starts to drop.


Leaf bowl –

A quick and easy autumn themed home craft that you can get the kids involved in is the leaf bowl. Collect pretty leaves on a nature ramble. Try to get red and gold ones for a seasonal feel. Or you can use fabric leaves if you’d like. 

Then all you need to do is cling film over a bowl that you is about the same size as you want your leaf bowl to be. Coat each leaf with a generous supply of PVA glue. The stuff that dries clear.

Arrange the leaves all over the bowl so that there are no gaps. Finally finish off with another layer of glue all over. For added longevity, when the bowl is dry to can apply an additional layer of adhesive to the inside surface.

Book tree –

This project is a bit more heavy duty but works in both nature-inspired and shabby chic rooms. It’s basically a corner bookshelf with a central strut down the middle. Use a log or branch for the strut and have the shelves coming off either side so it resembles a tree. For more information go here.

For a shabby chic look, paint the tree in white chalk paint. Wax some areas first and then rub the paint off to give it that aged feel.

Denim Pockets –

Displaying embroidery hoops on the wall as art is an established trend this year. A great take on this from is the denim pocket display.

Just take a few different sized embroidery hoops. They grab some old jeans with pockets and cut out a circle of fabric around twice the size of the hoop. Remember that the pocket should be central to the hoop.

Then place the fabric over the smaller ring. Put the larger ring over the top and tighten until the fabric is taught. Then take some pinking shears and trim and excess fabric. You can also pin or sew the fabric if there is not too much. But it needs to able to sit flush with the wall.

Hang these over your desk for handy desk tidy or in the kid’s rooms for a stylish way to keep them organized. You can even use different coloured types of denim depending on which fits in better with your chosen decor.

Twig Tea Lights –

So simple to make, and they look amazing. Use a glass container that is safe for candles. Then collect some twigs and branches from the garden. Cut the twigs into similar lengths, then glue to the side of the jar. Go all the way around the glass so that there are no gaps and then finish with a piece of twine or lace for that added rustic touch.

Scrabble Picture –

Everybody loves a good scrabble tile picture, but did you know that you can buy packs and individual letters on eBay so you can make your own?

Click here to see a full tutorial.

They look best framed in a shadow box, so they aren’t sticking out of the frame. Pick a nice piece of fabric or paper that fits with your decor and cut it to the right size. Use the back of the frame as a size guide. Then rough out your message using the letters. This is an important step as you need to make sure that it will fit in the space you have. You should use two rulers and a set square to make sure that your tiles are straight for a professional look.

Once you are happy with the placement. Stick the tiles down using a permanent adhesive such as glue guns and glue sticks. Then allow trying, frame and display.

Cork Board –

Traditionally when we think of a cork board, we think of a pinboard made out of cork sheets. But how about giving this upcycling project a go instead. It uses old wine corks for a shabby effect and is so simple to make.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase a frame in the size you want your board to be. Then remove the glass and put the frame back together. This will give you the space that you need to fill with the corks.

Use wine corks that have been cut in town lengthwise. Using hot glue, stick the corks to the board. Make sure to get a size of the frame that fits the corks you are using so you don’t have to use half corks on the last row. Then allow to dry and use. It’s as easy as that!

Lacey Mason Jars –

You can sometimes pick up job lots of vintage lace doilies on eBay for a bargain price. They come from people having clear out or selling them on after a wedding or party.

If you are lucky to come across some of these, then a nice way to use them is to make lace mason jar lights. Spray some adhesive on the jat and just apply the lace doily over the top. Allow to dry and then add battery operated tea light or some very small fairy lights for a magical glow.

Decoupage Lampshade –

You might find that you are using the lamps more as it’s not so light in the evening as autumn approaches. If so, then why not revamp an old lamp by changing the shade?

A quick and relatively cheap way of doing this is to use decoupage. This is the art of applying decorative paper with a glue base, which also acts as a varnish. You can buy kits or get the supplies separately according to your needs. Check out this beautiful patch work lamp for some inspiration.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post