Sleepyhead Product Review

“What is this pod laced with…chloroform?” says my husband. We both agreed that if not, it must have magic sleepy dust sprinkled all over it as my nightmare clingy newborn has turned into a happier, content and all round nicer bubba. More importantly, after 7.5 weeks of unwanted co-sleeping as it was the only way he’d sleep, he is now settled in his own room and my husband is now back sleeping in our bed.


I heard of the Sleepyhead via one of my Instagram followers after a moany post on how little Rory was a bit of a pain in the bottom (to say the least). Our Moses basket had been slept in for about 2 hours maximum as Rory took it upon himself to enjoy the finer things in life such as only sleeping on human pillows. He even hates his swingy chair, bouncer and playmat after about 2 minutes as he’s not being held. After doing some research online I decided I couldn’t live without one of these miracle products, plus as a sleep deprived new parent you’d do ANYTHING for a good nights sleep (it is after all a form of torture!).

The Sleepyhead was designed in Sweden by Lisa Furuland who upon having her son, wanted to find a safe alternative to using rolled up blankets to make her baby more snug which would also incorporate her passion for attachment parenting and co-sleeping. Her little one slept so well in it that she decided to take the product onto the market.


Positives – 

  • Portable – I love how easy it is to move about, we’ve been taking it downstairs in the day so Rory has that consistency of knowing when he goes in it he should be sleeping and familiarity if we are on the go.
  • Safe – it has been rigorously tested unlike some of the other pods on the market as well as recommended by midwifes. This is obviously a massively important factor to watch out for when purchasing a pod as many of the others on the market state not to use it unsupervised or for long periods/at nighttime due to risk of SIDS. It is advertised as being air permeable (breathable) with a safe firm mattress (although feels very luxury – i’d love to curl up in one!) as well as being anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite, anti-fungal AND waterproof.
  • Versatile – can be used when baby is sleeping OR awake for tummy time, a play or even changing mat.
  • Suitable for co-sleeping – this is what it was designed for, it provides extra safety as the sides prevent parents rolling on the baby or baby rolling out of bed/under the covers. It is also soft enough for you to have your arm over the baby for reassurance (Rory LOVES his bum being patted). 
  • Removable/washable covers – we luckily had an extra cover for when the other was in the washing machine (the gorgeous new silver linings chevron cover) as Rory is quite a sicky baby. 
  • Eases transition into own room/cot – baby is already familiar with the Sleepyhead when he/she is eventually transitioned into a large spacious cot (which many babies find daunting compared to co-sleeping or a moses basket).
  • Aids better sleep – for Rory, it’s made a huge difference as he even seems more content in the day just relaxing in it. He likes being cuddled constantly which the bumper of the Sleepyhead does to make your baby feel cocooned. 
  • Happy mum = happy baby – I’m not going to lie, I was really really struggling having a 2 year old and a baby that literally couldn’t be put down attached to me 24/7. I always found with Elsa that when I wasn’t happy it would show on her too and since we’ve had the Sleepyhead and I can actually put Rory down for more than 5 minutes to get stuff done, he has been happier and more content too.


Negatives –
  • Cost – compared to other pods available on the market, the Sleepyhead is expensive however as I mentioned above, it is the safest option and for our needs of getting him to sleep in his cot overnight it was essential to use one that allowed for this use. Also the covers are expensive but quite essential if you have a sicky baby! 



After reading through the continuous 5-star reviews online, it is clear to say that this pod does work wonders for cot-hating littles and even better for the poor mummas out there getting next to no sleep.

The Sleepyhead comes in two sizes (DELUXE 0-8 months or GRAND 8-36 months) and is available via Amazon, John Lewis, Ebay or via their flagship webshop (although shipping costs/time from Sweden does apply) at Covers available in silver lining chevron, so safari, celestial blue, strawberry cream pink, pristine white (it comes with this), tile de joey dusty blue or vanilla yellow 

Please note: although I was gifted this products by Sleepyheads of Sweden, all opinions are my own 


  1. November 10, 2015 / 9:19 am

    Is this the sleepyhead grand that you have or the smaller version?

  2. November 10, 2015 / 9:30 am

    Also, when you say it helped with the transition into baby's own room, is that because you put the pod in the cot? I'm asking as we have the small version sleepyhead & my daughter sleeps next to me in it. She is 14 weeks old & will be moving to her own room in her cot on Friday & im very nervous about the transition!! Any advice appreciated! X