Inspired Sources Of Ideas For Decor You’ll Love*

Most of us love interior design. We’re creative people full of great ideas for rooms big and small. But sometimes, when it comes to designing our own homes, we can suddenly suffer from a mental block. If you’re finding your mind goes blank when it comes to decor, don’t despair. Inspiration and ideas can be found absolutely everywhere. You just need to translate them into your room!

For centuries, shape and form found in nature have inspired artists’ works. The colors and textures have also been utilized to create incredible decor ideas. After all, natural materials like wood, paper, silk, and wool have always been used to furnish and decorate our homes. There is something about bringing the indoors in that makes a house a home. Why not head down to your local park or woodland? See what shapes and colors inspire you. Spring can be the best time to see the widest choice, but there is plenty to see all year round.

People that specialize in selling houses are very astute at detailing good style. That’s why one of your sources for ideas should come from properties for sale. Local estate agents work well to photograph and capture the details of attractive decor. Check out the photos on property websites, or nip to your local agent to arrange a couple of viewings. This is great for keeping up with local trends or checking out what the Jones’ are up to!

Style exhibitions can be quite expensive to attend, but you’ll come away with hundreds of ideas for your personal decor. There will be hundreds of brochures and catalogs to collect. And you’ll also see plenty of soft furnishings, fashion, furniture and art on display. Getting up close and personal to design ideas that you like is a great idea. It gives you the opportunity to consider how you would recreate it if you were on a budget. Perhaps there are just one or two elements of the design that you would like to develop into your own style?

Most of us have utilized mood boards to collate ideas. Did you know that you can find style boards and collections of images online for almost anything? Stuck for an idea for a rug pattern? Enter the term rug pattern into the Pinterest app. Chances are you will find dozens of great collections of images for all kinds of rugs. Something there is bound to appeal. Then simply copy the image into your own board.

Themes are still a great way to design an interior for your home. You might choose to theme your room by the season. Or maybe you have a more abstract concept like fruit or sunshine. It’s easy to pick colours, shapes, and patterns based on a theme idea once you’ve decided on it. You can find themes in literature, films, song lyrics, or even by people watching.

Life should inspire you when it comes to design. You may have a favorite pastime or hobby that could lend itself to some design ideas? It could even be a favorite dress you wear!

Love, Charlotte x
*This is a collaborative post