Saying goodbye

As Shakespeare would say, “parting is such sweet sorrow”. On one hand I am so beyond excited to be moving to a home that outweighs what I ever thought possible, especially at such a young age. But on the other I am grieving the impending loss of a dear friend; my first home. 

I have lived in these 4 walls for 6 years and shared many memories here. The one that sticks out most in my mind would be Joe delivering our beautiful daughter Elsa on the en-suite floor after 40 minutes of labour. This address resides on Elsa’s birth certificate as her place of birth so will always be incredibly special to us. We watched her take her first steps, say her first words and have developed as a loving family with the help of such a beautiful home. I am also lucky enough to have met some amazing people who I am honoured to call my closest friends through renting out the spare bedrooms. I am sure they too look back at this house with fond memories. 

Despite being so excited about the future, I can’t help but feel as though I am leaving behind a loved one. I’m sure being 8 months pregnant doesn’t help on the emotional side of things too! So today as I walk round the empty rooms one last time before completion, I will remember all those special times shared within them and now how empty, quiet and bare they’ll look. I will hand over the set of keys I have carried with me for 6 years in place of new keys to the house of my dreams. I hope that the new owners will fill these rooms with loving memories just as we have. 

I will never be allowed to set foot inside that old front door I painstakingly sourced, sanded, primed and painted, ever again. I will also never be able to shout at the poor double glazing salesman who innocently knocks on said front door to try to tell me how I need an atrocious UPVC front door (so what if the wood expands in the winter and makes it near enough impossible to open so the handle falls off?!) 

I will say goodbye for the last time to the house I lovingly call home.