Little Ways to Add Luxury to Your Living Space*

Designing a room is your chance to create a space that reflects your taste, and welcomes you home as soon as you step foot into it. This can be harder said than done, and it takes a lot of careful consideration and thoughtful pieces to make the room look –  and feel – just right. Don’t worry, interior design isn’t about big price tags. The main thing to remember is your personal values. You can add a little luxury to your space, without breaking the bank.


Having a painting or prints on the wall immediately elevates a room, and offers a point for the eye to be drawn to. This doesn’t mean you have to attend an art auction and splash the clash. It can be any print you like, and you can get a reasonably-priced frames from the High Street. If you’ve got any particularly artistic friends who are looking for a project, you could commission them to do a piece for you if you’ve got a particular image or colour scheme in mind. This makes the painting more personal and a special part of the space.

Corner Chair

Corners can be a difficult spot to fill in a room. Of course, there’s a corner table but once you’ve got that sorted, it can be a struggle to think of what to fill the others with. Why not consider making a corner extra cosy, and invest in a new chair? Cox & Cox offer a brilliant range of chairs, with styles to suit every taste. Whether you’re after a modern or traditional feel to the room, you’ll find a chair which will fit right in with your room.


It may be tempting to skimp on your curtains, after all they’re just there to block out the light and nosey neighbours right? Well, not necessarily. Curtains are an important part of a luxurious home. Not only can they dress up your window, but they can really add to the vibe of your room. You can pick the fabrics yourself, so they can reflect your taste. Curtains aren’t too hard to sew yourself if you’re looking to save the pennies. Or you can hire a seamstress if you don’t trust your sewing abilities.


Flowers can add such a fragrant finish to a room. Once again, it’s important to stick to your tastes. Don’t go for a vase of flowers just because you think they’ll look the best. Pick a bunch which you like the smell of, that make you feel happy. The scent alone can make you feel right at home. Plus another great thing about flowers is how much you can change them. Each time you replace them, it can give the room a whole fresh look.


*This is a collaborative post