A Designer House Needs A Design Expert*

Homeowners ask a simple question when they plan a renovation: do we need a designer? The answer is no if the job is a simple one. An architect would laugh you out of the room if you tried to hire them to restyle a bedroom or fix a window. Still, some plans are big and need experts to help the process run smoothly. From building a property to extending a room, a designer is essential because of their skill and experience. Finding one isn’t easy, mainly since you have no clue for what to look. The good news is that this post is here to help.

Hire ‘All In One’ Service –

If you haven’t come across one of these businesses before, the concept is simple. The company has everything you need to make a renovation straightforward. Http://worldofrenovation.com.au prides itself on being a ‘unique showroom’ that is ‘one of a kind’. The reason sites like this are original is that they team you up with the necessary people. If you need a designer, they will find one. Should you want an architect, one will be ready to go on the start date. And, they are included in the price. In simple terms, it’s an idiot-proof method for novices.

Consider The Word On The Street –

People call this gossip, and you do have to be careful. Some disgruntled customers will bad mouth a firm in public just out of spite. However, a reputation is often an excellent way to judge the quality of a product or service. No one would blink twice if they read a fact on http://www.forbes.com, for example. And, regular men and women are the best people to ask because they are unbiased. When they say the designer was fantastic, you can be sure they mean every word. Ask friends and family for recommendations or check out reviews online.

Take A Test Drive –

This isn’t a viable option for every designer as some services are set in stone. But, interior designers can provide a trial sample quite easily. For instance, if they are painters and decorators, ask them to ‘cut in’ to a wall. All this means is that they paint the edges of the wall without marking the skirting board. Still, it’s amazing how many professional painters don’t know how to complete this simple task. For the ones that are hard to try before you buy, ask to see a portfolio and analyse their work.

Research Required Skills –

Some people will be good at their job and won’t have a single qualification. Depending on the role, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, some jobs require specific certification as a foundation. Surveyors are the typical example. Not only do they need an accredited degree, but they also must-have two years of training. Those that don’t shouldn’t be trading as a surveyor, yet you will only know that if you research the industry. Of course, double check their references to see if they are telling the truth.

Do you need to hire a designer? 


*This is a collaborative post