What To Look For In A Pushchair – Mama’s & Papa’s Urbo 2*

A pushchair is one of the biggest expenses when you become a parent & can be very costly if you go for the wrong one then have to change it later on down the line or it doesn’t last beyond baby number 1. I’ve been through quite a few between my two littles so would regard myself as quite a pushchair ‘connoisseur’. 

Recently Mamas & Papas generously sent me one of their Urbo 2 pushchairs to review & so for the past couple of months I’ve been putting it through it’s paces to really test it out before writing this & giving a recommendation. 

I’m a big fan of Mama’s & Papa’s which is one of the largest & well known baby retailers in the UK. Although my two are now out of many of the little baby products being aged 3 years & 18 months, they have definitely seen me gracing their stores on many occasions.

So, I’ve come up with some things to think about if you’re thinking about purchasing a new pushchair –

Firstly, I’d always advise writing a list of all the features you’d like before visiting. It’s all too easy to get sucked in when you see a super beautiful one, but they aren’t always the most practical or functional.

Things to consider –

  • Size – do you want something small & lightweight or big & sturdy for a lot of walking? Will it fit in your boot? Does it go through shop doorways?
  • Budget – set a budget & stick to it. Some pushchairs are SO expensive & you are normally paying for the name more than anything. It IS an investment, but shouldn’t lead to going bankrupt….
  • Style – sure, a cream pushchair looks absolutely beautiful, but will it look just as beautiful with snot/puke/mushed banana all over it? Go for something that has easy to wash covers & is in a suitable colour for little people. When they are newborn you’ll experience the good old ‘poonami’ explosions & when they are Rory’s age (18 months) it’s more the food you give them to stop them moaning/for a bit of peace & quiet, that then gets smeared everywhere.
  • Function – everything is harder with a baby/toddler, thats why it’s so important to not have any extra stress on your plate when it comes to accessories needed like pushchairs. You need something that folds easily, isn’t too heavy & can adjust to your childs needs. Also consider whether you want it parent or forward facing.
  • Babies needs – do you want to use this from newborn, in which case one which you can attach a car seat too for easy transferring is ideal. If you’ve outgrown this stage then maybe something smaller & lightweight for nipping to the shops is easier. Think about what stage your little one is at & what needs they have plus what they’ll need in the future.
  • Durability – this is a huge one. No matter how much you look after a pushchair, I can promise you it’ll end up absolutely battered so if you’re planning on using it for baby number 2 or more then it’s really important to go for something that’s durable, which probably means steering away from anything too cheap unfortunately.
  • Your lifestyle – if you go out on long walks through the countryside then you’ll need something suitable for ‘off-roading’. If you’ve got a bit of a shopping habit (totally NOT me…) then you’ll need something with a good sized shopping basket. Have a think about what suits YOU.

Personally, I wanted something that was small enough to fit in my rather awfully designed Nissan Juke (again fell for the style over function thing!), could fold all in one rather than having to take the seat off & put back together seperately, could face me or face away & also ticked the asthetically pleasing box.


That’s where the Mama’s & Papa’s Urbo 2 came in.

I went for the navy colour but it’s also available in chestnut, liberty print & a new limited edition ‘twilight gold‘. 

Upon unboxing, I was immediately struck by how it looks, which is obviously one of the most important factors for most. The navy seat unit contrasts with the brown leather effect handle is classy & stylish. The hood is also a brilliant size & can be pulled right forward to protect from drizzle rather than having to put on the full rain cover.

It was surprisingly easy to put together & putting it up/down is literally a dream compared to some of the other pushchairs I’ve had! It goes down as one if you have the seat chassis forward facing but if you’d prefer it parent facing then the seat would need to be removed into two.

It’s suitable for newborns with car seat adaptors or the carrycot attachment (both purchasable separately unless you buy the 4 piece package/bundle) plus the main chassis reclines fully to lie flat. 

Another point is that it has a height adjustable handlebar which is ideal for couples like my husband & I who are ridiculously tall (I’m 5’10!). It’s always nice for Dad’s to feel comfortable pushing so this is ideal.

The shopping basket is also a good size, especially for a rather chubby little pig who get’s too knackered out & needs a rest!

I’ve been using this pushchair for a couple of months now before writing this review to give it a ‘proper’ test & have to say, it’s brilliant. It does everything I wanted it to, ticks all of the above boxes & Rory seems to love it.

Love, Charlotte x 

*This is a collaborative post with Mamas & Papas