Feeling The Chill? 4 Ways To Make Your Home Warmer*

Some homes seem to feel cold no matter what time of year it is. It could be a blazing hot day in the middle of July, yet you might end up shivering in your living room. This is normally the case with older houses. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a few ways you can make your home a much warmer place. Interested in turning the temperature up?

Here are four ways to make your home warmer.


1. Update Your Heating –
To help you feel a little warmer during the winter, take a look at your current heating system. If it has been in the house for a while, it may be time to get it updated. One of the best modern heating systems is underfloor heating. For this, you will need to have pipes placed under your flooring. It’s an effective way to spread the heat evenly throughout a room. Don’t worry; you don’t need to rip up your floors if something goes wrong. There are plenty of companies who carry out underfloor heating repairs and make minimal mess.
2. Use Warmer Shades –
Are you sure you’re really cold? Maybe it’s just all in your head. If your rooms are painted in light shades of paint, then they may make your home seem quite cold and sterile. This can mess with your head to make you think you are actually colder than what you are! So next time you need to decorate a room, think about using warmer shades. Colours like terracotta or aubergine paint work very well.
3. Insulate Your Home –
If you notice a few drafts in your home, it could be a sign that the property isn’t insulated well enough. Not sure how your home is insulated? Go up to your loft or attic area. There should be insulating materials around the walls. If you can’t see any, it’s a good idea to call a company out to check. If you don’t have any, don’t panic. It’s easy for a company to insulate a building. Another thing you can do is check your doorways and windows. If they are letting air in while shut, they need replacing. Not only does insulation keep your home warm but it also brings your energy bills down!
4. Fill Spaces –
Open plan living is very stylish right now but it all that open space can feel very cold. If you think you have too much open space, you should fill it with furniture. Try to position items so that you create two rooms in one large space. This can help make the large room feel much more comfortable and intimate. And you won’t end up feeling like you’re rattling around in a big empty box!

Hopefully, this blog post will have helped you feel much warmer in your very own home! And some of these steps will also help you save money on all that heating you’ve been using. If these steps fail, just pull on a thick wooly jumper!

Love, Charlotte x

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