How The Home Made Me

When I set this blog up back in January 2015 (although I was a pretty rubbish blogger up until January 2016 when I decided to commit more & actually post frequently!) I didn’t expect how successful it would become.

In a relatively short space of time, especially considering blogs usually take a few years to establish & become ‘known’, it has grown beyond all expectation. I have all of you lovely readers to thank for that.

‘The Home That Made Me’ has given me so many fantastic opportunities as well as helping me personally in giving me something outside of being a stay-at-home mum to feel like an actual adult who does something other than watch Cbeebies day in & day out. I now have a purpose & I’m incredibly lucky that it’s my passion & something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

I was fortunate enough to purchase my first property, a repossesed 3 bedroom semi-detached house at the tender age of 18 whilst still at a 6th form I hated & sitting my A-levels, again which I hated & had no desire to learn about what so ever. This is when it all started.

Months on end were spent designing how I wanted it to look & shopping for bits to make it into a home. I had a clear design in my head which changed gradually over the years whilst I got older, priorities changed & I developed as a person too.

I firmly believe that that lovely little house turned me into the person I am today & despite occasionally wondering why I wasn’t like all the other 20 year olds at University, it made me mature beyond my years & introduced me to some of my best friends through renting out our spare bedrooms.

Buying a house that needs work, or likewise doesn’t necessarily NEED work but you want to put your own stamp on to make it your own, takes a lot of hard work but will undoubtably draw you closer to those bricks & morter you will lovingly call home. Whether or not this will turn into a hobby or if your anything like me, an obsession, will be entirely up to you.

The meaning behind the blog name of ‘The Home That Made Me’ is how after many years of wondering what I wanted to do & going from unsatisfying job to job, I finally found something that made me excited & gradually took over my life (in the best way possible, obviously!).

I didn’t make my home. It made me.

Love, Charlotte x

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  1. May 16, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    Very inspiring! Congrats on your blogs success 🙂