Gorgeous Features To Make Your Garden Look Spectacular*

So many people allow their gardens to become just wasted space, which is such a shame. Your garden is an extension of your home, and there are plenty of ways you can make it into something for the whole family to enjoy. If you sit out in your garden and don’t feel happy or inspired there’s something wrong, it’s time to make a change and transform it into something you love. Here are some ideas for gorgeous features you could add to make the most of the space, and make your garden look spectacular.

A Raised Deck/ Decked ‘Stage’ –

Decking is a fantastic choice in any garden, large or small. It’s a hardwearing surface that’s practical and has a smart finish, plus it requires hardly any maintenance to keep it looking nice. Creating a raised ‘stage’ or decked area is a great choice. You could use it as an additional seating area for the perfect view of the garden, and it would be perfect for parties and entertaining too. You could use it as a cooking area for barbeques in the summer or as a serving area which is separate from the rest of the garden. You could add a swing seat or even a swinging pod chair and create a cosy little corner to sit in and enjoy. Finish the look of a raised deck by adding balustrades with wire infills, these will section off the area without making it look too enclosed. A stunning, practical feature in any garden.

A Water Feature –

Not only do they look pretty, but water features create tranquil sounds which give a sense of peace and relaxation while you’re sat in the garden. They look beautiful when they have sunlight shining through them, and because they reflect light they will also make your space appear bigger. You could go for a standalone piece, or incorporate a water feature into a pond. Ponds are a great feature in gardens, because not only do they look pretty but they’re good for the wildlife too. You can expect to attract various birds, frogs and insects to the garden once you have a water source available for them. Finish the area with lots of aquatic plants, and surround it with shrubs and flowers for a stunning finish. If you’re looking to make even more of a feature of your pond, how about adding underwater lighting? This will look really impressive in the evenings, you could turn it on after a garden party as the sun is going down. Alternatively it would be nice to just sit out in the evenings yourself and relax. If you have a large garden you could go all out with something huge and spectacular, but even a small bubbling fountain or water feature in a small garden is enough to add plenty of interest.

A Summer House –

Can you picture anything more idyllic than a summer house at the bottom of your garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers? The perfect place to relax on warm days with a book or a cocktail. It essentially gives you another space in your home too, so if you have an unused corner of your garden it’s a good one to consider. You can buy these pre-built and flatpacked, so it’s just a case of putting them together. While they’ll set you back a few hundred pounds, since you basically get a whole other ‘room’ it’s a great investment. You could use it as a summer house while the weather is nice, and as a workshop or storage space for the rest of the year. Paint it a pastel colour and add some pretty pastel deck chairs and a table for your ultimate girly hideaway.

A Treehouse or Tree Swing –

If you have a large tree in your garden, why not make the most of it? A gorgeous rustic wooden swing hung from a tree branch looks so much cuter than bright metal or plastic kids swing sets. If you’re especially handy (and have the right kind of tree!) a tree house could be amazing. If not, you could always call in an expert or a carpenter and have them build something custom for you. The ultimate dream for just about every child in the world, a tree house would be the best little hideout and a place for kids to hang out when it’s sunny outside. There are a couple of health and safety features to bear in mind, but as long as you use common sense you should be fine. Just make sure it’s sturdy, not too high and has a stable solid ladder (as opposed to a rope ladder). This would be a fantastic feature in the garden and would definitely make you a popular parent!

Vibrant Flowerbeds –

Finally, a garden isn’t quite complete without pops of colour from beautiful flowers. If you have children or pets that mean traditional flowerbeds get trampled on, try using raised beds instead. You can build them easily with a few pieces of wood or leftover decking, or buy them ready made. Then your flowers are off the floor and away from little hands or paws. There’s an art to planting up a flowerbed, it you get it right you’ll be rewarded with stunning blooms every year but with no hassle on your part. The trick is to plant it up with bulbs and seeds which flower at different times of year. Then, just as one type of flower is dying off, another load come up in their place. It keeps the garden colourful as it’s different all year round. Don’t forget to add evergreen plants too, they’re not as showy as flowers but it means come winter you still have some greenery rather than everything completely dying off until spring. Tall plant pots and wall mounted planters are another good choice if you need your flowers off the ground, and dotted around the garden will definitely give it the wow factor.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post