8 Steps For Planning The Perfect Party

We love a good party in this household & never hold back when it comes to celebrating any occasion that crops up – it’s a brilliant excuse to invite round all your nearest & dearest, as well as have a couple of cheeky prosecco’s (bottles that is…not glasses).

We held a joint party for Rory’s 1st & Elsa’s 3rd (in May!) last Saturday so I thought I’d share with you my top tips for planning a Pinterest perfect party.

Since we moved in to Baylyn House, it’s made entertaining SO much easier considering how much larger it is plus the open plan layout. We’ve had friends & family round for Birthdays, Christenings, Halloween, Christmas, a Babyshower & various other catch ups like BBQ’s, games nights & dinner parties.

So, how do you go about organising a party?

1. Identify what kind of party you want –
What are you holding the party for; Is it your 2 year olds birthday, an engagement or anniversary party? Is it going to be a big party with 50 guests or just your nearest & dearest? Are you going to have a theme such as jungle animals, or perhaps a colour theme?

2. Budget –
How much are you willing to spend on this event? Obviously this will greatly depend on how many guests you plan to invite but have a rough figure of your budget in your head taking into consideration the following – invitations, venue hire, food, drink, tablewear, decorations, music, entertainment, favours.

3. Where & when? –
Decide on a venue, will it be at your house or are you planning on hiring somewhere? Book a date & think of a suitable time.

4. Send out invitations –
The most important part of a party is the guests so make sure you tell them the venue, date, time along with RSVP details.

5. Contact suppliers –
Do you need a cake made? Are you going to hire a bouncy castle? Will you need a DJ? Search around for the best quote but always go with a reputable company with good customer feedback for that added reassurance. I learnt the hard way & ended up with a cake that looked like a 4 year old had made it!

6. Make a list of supplies & go shopping –
How many cocktail sausages do you need? Think food, drink, decorations, place settings, seating etc.

7. Set up –
If you can get access to the venue the day before the party, it always helps to set up as early as possible to allow for time for any last minute hickups (forgotten napkins or misplaced spoons). Plus it then makes the day of the party much less stressful & allows time to get yourself dolled up without rushing around blowing up balloons in your best dress.

8. ENJOY! –
The day has finally arrived, so enjoy it 🙂

Do you have any tips for perfect party planning?

Love, Charlotte x