Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Decorating Your Little One’s Spaces*

Decorating kids’ room can be really fun; you can go a bit wilder with patterns and colors and really get to enjoy yourself. However, there are some pretty serious pitfalls that you need to avoid if the space is going to both look good and be practical. Read on to find out what they are.


You listen to the kids too much –

The first mistake that a lot of parents make when decorating a playroom or a bedroom for their little ones is to listen to what the kids want too much. Of course, if you child is old enough to communicate the type of thing they would like in their bedroom, you should take that into account. But It needs to be done in a measured way. You need to be in control of the overall design and layout. Plan out what you need to buy before visiting the shop or even better use kids and baby online shopping websites to get what you need. Then you get to avoid any home store tantrums, if little one doesn’t get their way.

You go for too many patterns –

Now, patterns is a difficult one. There are some absolutely charming patterns and motifs available now for kids rooms like these. The trick here is to use patterns as an accent to a room, but not as the core feature.

This is especially important in a bedroom. This is because bedrooms need to be restful as well as fun, to allow the child a relaxing space in which to drift off to sleep. Lots of patterns everywhere can be too stimulating and distracting. Try going for patterned curtain and accessories with white walls. Or f you just have to have the pattern wall paper, do a feature wall behind the headboards, so it’s not too distracting while they are in bed.

You don’t think about safety –

Another common mistake is that people forget to think about safety features when creating their child’s room. Luckily it, not a difficult thing to do. You just need to get into the mindset of your toddler to see if anything will present a possible risk. Think about the windows and how far they open. Get child lock if necessary. Also, consider the placement of furniture. What looks like a pretty arrangement for you, make look a lot like a climbing challenge to your little one!

The style you like is hard to keep clean and tidy –

As any mom knows it’s essential that you think about all the practical sides of the room that you are designing as well as the aesthetics. It doesn’t matter how nice the room is, if it is difficult to keep clean and tidy, then it won’t be a success. To avoid making this mistake, ensure that you include enough storage for toys and clothes in the room. Try some brightly colored boxes from Ikea which fit into their shelves. If course you want to allow them to have some of their toys out, so why not treat them to some new plushies to sit along a window sill or on a chair?


Love, Charlotte x 

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