Glamorous Additions Your Bathroom Is Desperate For*


Bathrooms are the one room in your home where you can find peace and sanctuary. You can lock the door and escape the stresses of your life for an hour or so while having a relaxing shower or bath. But if your bathroom isn’t looking it’s best, you’re never going to make you feel amazing when you use it. If a full redesign isn’t possible, why not consider adding some glamorous additions instead. These could bring some drama and interest back into your bathroom, while also improving it’s look and feel. So take a look at these stylish ideas and see if they could bring your tired bathroom back to life.

Stove –

If you despise feeling the cold when you get out of the bath or shower, a stove could be the glamorous addition you need. You can light your stove, with gas or wood and fill the space with warmth. As well as helping you dry off quicker, it could also make being in your bathroom more comfortable. This appliance is considered a stylish and luxury item, particularly when installed in a bathroom. If your existing bathroom has an unused fireplace, it shouldn’t be difficult to install a stove into the area. There are also stand alone wood burning stoves available. Get in touch with stove installation specialists for quotes and to see what styles would suit your bathroom perfectly.

Chandelier –

Why opt for boring light fixtures when you can go over the top? Chandeliers can add a feminine touch to your bathroom, making it feel instantly more expensive. When the lights are turned on, the beading and crystals on the chandelier will glow and bounce light around the room. This can make your bathroom feel more spacious, particularly if you have large mirrors dotted around too. Even though they were once only used by royalty, chandeliers are now extremely affordable. You can also find them in an array of colours, sizes, and designs. So not matter how big your bathroom is, there is bound to be one to suit. Why not opt for multiple smaller chandeliers for a more modern look. Hire a trained electrician to install your new chandelier and never attempt to fit it yourself.

A Makeup Table –

For real Hollywood glamour, you need to have a makeup table. This piece of furniture will no only add additional function to your bathroom, but make it instantly more stylish. Here you can store all of your beauty products from lipsticks to hair spray. It’s every woman’s dream to have a makeup table all her own. While you could position it in your bedroom, having it in your bathroom just adds to it’s convenience. Look online at furniture suppliers and to see examples of other makeup tables in bathroom areas. Complete your makeup table with an oversized mirror and a vase of fresh flowers.

So why not add one or all of these glamorous additions to your bathroom today? They can take this vital room from drab to fabulous within an instant and make it a far more enjoyable place to spend time in.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post